The End of Marketing as We Know It

Book Title - The End of Marketing as We Know It

Marketing today doesn't work. Or so says the "Aya Cola," Sergio Zyman, former marketing czar of Coca-Cola and quite possibly the most famous marketing gadfly in the world. Brilliant, irascible, unconventional, Zyman is best known for reinventing the Coca-Cola Company's marketing approach by spearheading the global launches of Diet Coke, New Coke, Classic Coke, Fruitopia, and Sprite. Now, in this brisk and revolutionary book, Zyman shows why old approaches to marketing have lost their fizz-and how to get a jump on the strateies that will work in the twenty-first century.

Zyman explores such topics as:

Why feel-good marketing is pointless unless it results in sales Why marketing is a science not an art How a well-honed strategy is more important to success than what ads say And much more

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