Facebook Certified Community Manager

Facebook Certified Community Manager

This exam identifies candidates who possess the ability to build, scale and sustain an online community by utilizing community-building strategies and tools which can be applied to non-profits and interest communities, as well as brands and agencies.


Community leaders, brand managers, and social managers who possess the skills and knowledge for managing, scaling, and connecting online communities, and understand platform policies and regulations.


Define and establish a community (8%)
  • Make determinations required to develop community goals, objectives, mission, purpose, values, and KPIs
  • Apply concepts required to create and assess community guiding principles
Develop community strategies and processes (27%)
  • Make determinations required to cultivate and evolve a platform strategy
  • Determine an audience strategy
  • Analyze a branding strategy
  • Apply concepts required for operational workflows
  • Determine a team structure and management strategy
  • Determine a launch strategy
  • Apply concepts required to identify and leverage strategic partnerships
Make strategic content decisions (16%)
  • Make determinations required to create and curate relevant content using a variety of tactics for specific target audiences within a community
  • Identify trends/issues that can provide valuable insights to the community
  • Make determinations required to implement goal-driven activities
Engage and moderate the community (29%)
  • Apply concepts required to onboard community members
  • Apply concepts required to maintain community operations
  • Apply concepts required to foster member-to-member connections
  • Make determinations required to address and resolve crises and conflicts
  • Make determinations required to implement engagement tactics based on audience segmentation
  • Adhere to community standards and terms of service
Measure and analyze community success (20%)
  • Analyze content and engagement performance
  • Examine data to conduct quantitative and qualitative reporting
  • Make determinations required to establish a feedback collection, learning, and implementation process
  • Make determinations required to establish a sustainability model, including opportunities for revenue generation when applicable

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