SMM Fundamentals

SMM Fundamentals

Take your brand awareness, engagement, and following to the next level with this social media training course!

Social Media Marketing Course Contents

Module 1. The Background for Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Get into the right mindset to benefit from this course. This module sets the stage for your developing social media marketing strategy.

Module 2. The Importance of Content to Social Creating a content plan is an important component of any social media marketing strategy.

Module 3. Understanding Social Platform Choices Different social platforms have different strategic advantages. In this module are some social media marketing tips.

Module 4. The Traditional Social Platforms Text-centric social platforms create unique opportunities. Develop a strategy with each platform.

Module 5. The Visual Social Platforms This module guides you in understanding how to best leverage visual social platforms.

Module 6. Algorithms & Paid Social Learn how social network algorithms work.

Module 7. Digital Relationship Marketing Learn how to build lasting relationships that benefit your brand.

Module 8. Social Media Strategy & ROI Learning to build your social media strategy is critical for your online success.

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