BRAND MINDS Live - The Growth Weekend

Location: Online/Virtual | Date: 09/25 - 09/27/20 | Hosted by: BRAND EMOTION


BRAND MINDS started from a strong desire to inspire people and to create a better world. Despite the unfortunate global situation, we genuinely look to keep on pursuing that vision because #LeadersNeverQuit. When times are tough, the tough get going!
15 world-famous speakers will be joining our online event: Researcher & Bestselling Author Brené Brown, Optimist & Bestselling Author Simon Sinek, World Famous Marketing Expert Martin Lindstrom, Risk Analyst & Bestselling Author Nassim Taleb, Bestselling Author of Blue Ocean Strategy & Blue Ocean Shift Renée Mauborgne, Bestselling Author & Motivational Speaker Nick Vujicic, Bestselling Author & Psychology Researcher Neil Pasricha, World-Famous Entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, World Famous Scientist Michio Kaku, World Famous Journalist Malcolm Gladwell, Leadership & Culture Strategist Annicken R Day, CNN International Anchor Richard Quest, CTO & VP Amazon Werner Vogels, Bestselling Author Tara Westover and Bestselling Author & Entrepreneur Mark Manson.

9 benefits of attending BRAND MINDS Live - The Growth Weekend:
- Get 2x the value for your investment
- Connect with a GLOBAL NETWORK
- SAVE TIME & MONEY while still investing in your BUSINESS EDUCATION
- Attend from the comfort of your own home
- More people to connect with, more opportunities for success
- Exclusive access to recorded speaker sessions available for 30 days
- Support a sustainable future by joining an environmental-friendly event

In a world that is going through difficult times, world-changers learn to adapt and evolve.

Be a world-changer and join BRAND MINDS Live - The Growth Weekend!