Rebecca Posner


I am an editor for anything having to do with words. You have bright ideas. Let me help you share them!

Copy Editing, Copywriting, Proofreading, Substantive Editing

I hold the title of copy editor, but I can help at any level of writing. If the blinking cursor is daunting, I can help you start your piece.

If commas are mystifying, I can copy edit your work and make sure everything goes where it should be.

If you want to make sure your idea is coming across the way you want, I can look at the big picture to make sure everything comes together the way you want.

I am an English major with a focus on creative writing. In having such a specialty, I have been through it all: writer's block, (finally) writing, editing, perfecting a piece. Not only that, but I have worked as an in-house copy editor for magazines and edited a slew of books and short stories. I've also written and edited for web developers. I am constantly taking classes; so far I have earned a certificate from the EFA in Advanced Copy Editing, and I am on track to earn a certificate in Developmental Editing as well.

My Next Ideal Project

I would love to work on a long-term project that is challenging. My favorite jobs are ones that let me dive deep into them, with all kinds of editing and writing. I don't balk at research, and I appreciate jobs that allow me to learn while I practice my craft.

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