Michael Uslan


Over the last decade, I’ve been focused on mastering digital marketing strategies and leading cross-functional teams to develop unique and creative funnels. From driving awareness through search, paid, and influencer marketing to converting traffic through targeted ads and emails, I believe I could be a huge asset to any growing ecommerce brand.

For eight years I worked at Brandetize, a San Diego-based digital marketing agency start-up. During my last two years with them, I was the marketing manager for the company’s largest client, Brian Tracy International; an e-commerce site masquerading as a personal and business development coach.

Over the last year I worked at Neil Patel Digital, I worked with a diverse client-base each with unique business objectives. While this position was more focused on managing clients instead of developing marketing strategies, I was still able to use my digital strategy acumen to ultimately help clients meet their goals.

While I enjoyed my time at Neil Patel Digital, I am ultimately looking for a position in a company that allows me to focus on my passion for developing and executing marketing strategies.

My Next Ideal Project

My ideal role would be working and leading an in-house team of SMEs to create and implement new and exciting marketing strategies.

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