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    Becca Posner Proofreading, substantive editing, writing web con...

    About: If you have something to say but just can’t get the blinking cursor to inspire you, let me know. If you wrote something and want a new set of eyes to look over it, I’m more than happy to help. I love looking at words on a page and... Read More

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    Fedja Hvastija Content, devops, system integration, demand gen

    About: Marketing strategist and manager, with engagements ranging from speaking and lecturing to product management, martech stack, and digital devops delivery. Experience in pushing marketing to deliver local impact, as well as internat... Read More

  • Craig Hawkes Social Media, Graphic Design, Social Advertising

    About: Hi! I'm Craig. A freelance graphic designer. I have seen massive growth within myself during my role, working on various projects, such as, short scale projects flyers for local schools sports and manufacturers to large scale bra... Read More

  • Jo Anna Van Thuyne Consulting, Editing, Recording

    About: I'm a filmmaker and podcaster with over a decade of experience in front of and behind the camera. I have experience creating everything from cinematic features to podcast episodes. I create stellar content to make my client's digi... Read More

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    Nate Vosicky Consulting, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce

    About: I live and work in Birmingham, AL. I have been managing an e-commerce company for almost 6 years and recently received an MBA. I created the digital marketing strategy and have been managing it ever since. So...I analyze data, bui... Read More

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    Binit Agrawala Marketing Automation, CRM, Analytics

    About: At ASK Pi, we help set-up, integrate, and optimize software platforms like Marketing Automation, Sales Funnels, CRM, and Customer Helpdesk to enhance the value of a product or service. We also help set-up, identify, and track key... Read More

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    Alfonsina Sterling video animation, promotional videos

    About: As Co-Founder of Indie Oven, my role is flexible going from Producer to Editor according to each project's needs and some cases covering both (Yes, that´s how versatile I am!) Some clients I´ve worked with include P&G, Mastercard... Read More