YouTube Has Reportedly Upgraded Its Analytical Studio That Will Now Report The Traffic Sources On The Creator Channels

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Posted: November 21 2020 @ 8:30 AM | From: | Author: Arooj Ahmed

According to recent reports, YouTube is planning to add a new feature that will update the video creators about how the people that view their videos are finding it. Youtube has claimed that the Youtube Algorithms is now providing reports that highlight the traffic source on the uploaded videos. In turn, it will also the creators from where the traffic is coming on their channel. Youtube has launched this upgrade on their studio for the creators to stay updated.YouTube has also shared a procedure according to which YouTube Algorithms will report and provide the data related to the traffic sources. The creators can get their hands on this analytical report from the Analytic tab on Youtube studio. It is important to note here that Youtube Algorithms are not new.Yet, this add on feature is the latest one that has further added an option of how viewers have founded this video to get insight into the traffic sources. This generated report notes the number of viewers from each source in percentages that is through notifications or subscriptions. Along with this, it also presents the total number of traffic coming from a particular source.The sources that the analytical reports highlight are YouTube recommendations, channels pop up, notifications, or subscriptions of the channel, and others. However, Youtube has not cleared out what other sources can be but the possibility is that people can click on the particular video link while reading the comments, randomly scrolling the Youtube and a video catches an eye, or from other social media platforms. It can be anything.Furthermore, this algorithm report includes three arrows of different colors that are green, grey, and a dash next to the traffic sources. The green arrow pointing towards upwards signifies that the channel has gained either the usual amount of traffic or more. The grey arrow pointing downwards implies the reduced traffic than that source typically generates. A dash signifies that this source has not generated as such viewers to mark.It is important to note here that a viewer can get to the video from any source or in any way, and the sources are not even particular. If people have watched the specific video from the recommendations then usually other sources do not generate any viewer as people have already seen it from one source and vice versa.Along with this recent update, the reports are that YouTube is launching its audio library for the YouTube Creators. This library will include millions of songs and tunes for the creators to add to their videos. YouTube intends to make life if the creator convenient enough and liberating them from the burden of copyright licensing and any other caused inconveniences. YouTube has already launched this upgrade also.Read next: What your aesthetic preferences depict about you?

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