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  • Posted: September 15 2020 @ 9:34 | From:

    How Oracle's TikTok Deal Could Shake Up Social Media

    The enterprise technology firm does not have an established stake in the space, which might help the video-sharing app retain outsider status while opening new capabilities in areas like search. Read more

  • Posted: September 15 2020 @ 9:17 | From:

    Miller Lite Turns Beer Cans Into Antennas For Watching Football

    As more fans stream live sports this season, the beer brand is helping them watch digital TV — without turning to illegal streaming sites it parodied on social media. Read more

  • Posted: September 15 2020 @ 8:55 | From:

    Nielsen Cuts Neuromarketing Research Amid Pandemic

    It's not clear yet whether this is a harbinger of more cutbacks in the neuromarketing space as difficulties recruiting subjects for in-person tests continue. Read more

  • Posted: September 15 2020 @ 8:30 | From:

    People’s Confidence In Small Business Still Far Higher Than For Big Business

    Three-quarters of the American public maintain a great deal (38%) or quite a lot (37%) of confidence in small business, per a recent survey from Gallup. This level of confidence has grown from two years ago when about two-thirds of US adults held the same degree of confidence in small business. The... Read more

  • Posted: September 15 2020 @ 8:00 | From:

    In-App Video Ads Completed At Higher Rates Than Mobile Web Ads

    In-app video ads saw a completion rate of 79% in Q2 this year, ahead of the comparable figure for mobile web video ads, according to recent data [download page] from Extreme Reach. Here’s a look at how the two mobile ad formats compared this past quarter. The analysis of Q2 video impressions served... Read more

  • Posted: September 15 2020 @ 8:00 | From:

    Best Dedicated Hosting Plans

    Dedicated servers are the top of the line in web hosting. As the name implies, your website won’t be sharing server resources with any other sites—you’ll have a server all to yourself.   For websites with high volumes of traffic, a dedicated hosting plan ensures high uptime rates, fast page loading... Read more

  • Posted: September 15 2020 @ 8:00 | From:

    Art Zoom: Music Superstars Take You On A Global Cultural Tour

    The common thread between J.Balvin,Ellie Goulding,  FKA twigs, Grimes, Matt Healy from The 1975 and Chaeyoung from TWICE beyond being global music icons? They’re all starring in the new season of Google Arts & Culture’s Art Zoom series, which takes viewers on a guided tour of some of the world’s... Read more

  • Posted: September 15 2020 @ 8:00 | From:

    Best Online Fax Services

    Want to get right to the point? My top picks for the best online fax services are definitely Nextiva vFax and Fax.Plus. With so many digital communication methods at our disposal, faxing might seem a bit outdated. But businesses and individuals alike still need to send and receive faxes.  Don’t have... Read more

  • Posted: September 15 2020 @ 7:00 | From:

    Best Agile Project Management Tools

    Leading agile teams is challenging because there are countless moving parts and evolving process to manage. However, it’s especially difficult if you don’t have the right software behind you. Agile project management tools help you jump from daily scrums to your next sprint while giving your team co... Read more

  • Posted: September 15 2020 @ 6:45 | From:

    New Ways To Reach Your Audiences With Programmatic Guaranteed

    With uncertainty about what will come next and many teams still working from home, marketers tell us they are looking for ways to make every advertising dollar count while also increasing operational efficiency. Programmatic Guaranteed in Display & Video 360 helps you achieve both. First, it giv... Read more