Content Marketing Terminology

  • Content

    Information created to inform, educate, or influence a specific audience. Content may be released in the form of text, image, video, or audio.

  • Ebook

    Also referred to as a lead magnet, ebooks are generally a piece of longer content designed to generate leads.

  • Editorial Calendar

    It's like a road map for content creation, showing you what kind of content to create, what topics to cover, which personas to target, and how often to publish to best support your strategy. Maintaining an editorial calendar will keep you more organized and show you any gaps you may have in your content library. It also helps ensure you're doing the right things for your personas and not going way off-track with the topics you're covering.

  • Inbound Marketing

    Advertising your company via content marketing, podcasts, video, eBooks, email broadcast, SEO, Social Marketing, etc., rather than paid advertising.

  • Infographic

    A type of content that is visual in nature, making complex information easy to understand and digest.

  • Satellite Content

    Satellite Content is content you post outside of your regular web site on 3rd party sites. This can supply a steady stream of long term targeted traffic to your web site. On all sites that you post on, include links back to the page on your web site that speaks to the content you are talking about or to a well-designed squeeze page advertising your product or service. If you are writing about email marketing, the link should go to your email marketing page, if you are writing about how to use word of mouth marketing effectively, then your links should point to your word of mouth marketing page.