Viral Marketing

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A method of product promotion that relies on getting customers to market an idea, product, or service on their own.

Marketing is considered “viral” when it reaches the point where it’s being shared by the public at large rather than just its target audience. If achieved, your message will be in nearly everyone’s social media feed.

Think about how seemingly random phenomena like Baby Yoda or “OK boomer” take over your social feeds out of nowhere. Memes get shared and promoted like crazy because they resonate with people, all the while outsiders involve themselves with meme trends via “likes” and shares.

What do most viral marketing campaigns have in common?

  • They’re organic
  • They’re timely
  • They’re bold

Will you or something you do go viral? Probably not. Everyone is screaming into the void and you just need to be in the right place and right time for a true "viral" campaign.

Last updated: 2020/11/17