DeltaX Assistant helps you scale and optimize your Google Ads account on the go by tracking your health score and using Machine Learning to generate relevant insights for your account.

In the early preview release the DeltaX Assistant offers the following features:

1. Account Health Score: This looks at 80+ signals from your Google Ads account and helps identify structural issues, scaling bottlenecks, and valuable opportunities.
2. Insights - Search Queries, Non-performing Keywords, Non-performing Ads, Keywords with Low-Quality Score, and many more.

At DeltaX, we have been working with Google Ads API for the past 8+ years serving customers across all domains. The Assitant is built to bring the same level of sophisticated custom ML models to accounts of all sizes using conversational AI.

It just takes a few minutes for signup and is currently free to use. We look forward to your feedback.

Made by: DeltaX | Cost: Free

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