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Market Metrics is an all-in-one reporting platform that enables marketers to use automation to complete reporting in minutes. After connecting your accounts, single-channel and cross-channel dashboard templates are auto-generated to evaluate your overall performance or to dive down to compare records.

Use our dashboard widgets to schedule reports to your inbox, create customized dashboards by blending and filtering your data, or link dashboards to strategies to attribute goals and objectives to insights. Working with multiple people for multiple clients? Market Metrics makes it easy to collaborate on a single dashboard or to manage multiple clients seamlessly.

Enterprise users can evaluate individual teams or an entire department by combining data sources across multiple teams. Keep your data secure with custom permission roles, single sign-on and authentication, or sharing explicit data source access.

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Whether you’re at a startup, an agency, or a Fortune 500 company, our free, growth, and enterprise plans make it easy for anyone to leverage our comprehensive marketing intelligence platform. Stop using spreadsheets, databases, and expensive software suites today!

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Jul 31 2020
Nick S.
We use it to evaluate each stage of the customer journey from our campaigns to the website to new leads. Onboarding took me 2 minutes, connecting took me 3 minutes, and it's really helpful to query or compare by any time range. The scheduled reports have been really helpful. I especially liked how we're able to blend our Google Analytics campaigns with our PPC campaign data to evaluate our ad spend. We ended up making some optimizations to our website and email campaigns based on what we were seeing. Definitely recommend.