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AMA Frequently Asked Questions

AMAs, short for "Ask Me Anything”, are a long held Reddit tradition. Anyone with a unique perspective can come to Reddit, say who they are and what they're passionate about, and invite the larger Reddit community to ask them questions.

AMA sessions can be hosted by anyone. Some of Reddit's top AMA hosts have been: actors, producers, politicians, athletes, scientists and other subject mater experts.

An AMA is a unique way to foster direct communication and create an experience with the Reddit community.

AMAs should be utilized if you're looking to:

  • Engage directly with Redditors in relevant communities
  • Amplify your conversation across a broad audience
  • Deepen brand advocacy and humanize your brand
  • Activate on a platform that surfaces content that spreads

There are a few things as a moderator that we need to on our end to make sure your AMA goes as smooth as possible.

This includes:

  • Marking your Reddit account as an approved poster. This tells Reddit and our community spam protections that your account is safe, preventing comments from getting flagged for spam review.
  • Gives us (the mods) awareness so we can pin your AMA to the top of the community for greater exposure.
  • And allows us to plan accordingly so a moderator is online to help if you have any questions and ensure other commenters are not spamming/going off topic during your AMA.

Fill out the request form. We'll get back to you via email or Reddit direct message with confirmation.

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  3. Customize: Upload an avatar and cover image, and add a description to introduce yourself.

Profile & image specs:

  • Profile Header: Dimensions: 1280x384px, Format: JPG/PNG (<200KB size)
  • Avatar image: Dimensions: 256x256, Format: JPG or PNG (<100KB)
  • Username: 20 Characters Max
  • About: 200 characters max

The below is needed 48 hours prior to AMA post:

  1. Username: The Reddit username the guest will be using to answer questions. If you have never created one, sign up at
  2. Proof: This is typically a photo of the AMA guest holding a sign with the AMA session data and time.
  3. Headline: A brief title of the AMA interview.
  4. Intro: A few sentences about the AMA guest. This is a great place to include links to youtube, their site, etc.

Protip: Write AMA text in first person.

Answer questions from the community. A moderator will be online to assist with questions that are off topic.

That's it! Though you can continue answering questions if you want.

Recommended: Edit your original post with a thank you message and if applicable, share additional details for where people can find you and reach out if they have additional questions.