Breakout Room Facilitator



About Us:

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Job Description:

JOB DESCRIPTION: Part time position (10 Hours for training and 3 Hours for each workshop) to facilitate 3-4 breakout activity sessions at online workshops.

PROJECT OVERVIEW: This program is an online training workshop for digital marketers with top ad agencies diving into the world of launch and connect on our client's platform. Attendees will learn about preparation and strategic paths for launching something new (products, campaigns etc.) as well as capitalizing on opportunities to connect, creating a unique voice that is culturally relevant year-round. The workshops will be conducted on the BlueJeans video platform and will include elements of learning via theory, application, activities, and assessment.


  • Knowledge of brand management and marketing, preferably with agency experience
  • Knowledge of the client as a marketing tool
  • Knowledge of executing and measuring digital campaigns
  • Based in the city or region of workshops.
  • Availability on the date of workshops (TBD)
  • Experience in delivering webinars, live online workshops, etc.
  • Dynamic and engaging presentation style
  • Exceptional communication skills, with extensive experience communicating professionally in the local language and English
  • Proven track record of managing and completing tasks diligently
  • Highly responsive and organized in ongoing communication with workshop staff/expert


  • Undergo training sessions on presentation and facilitation of breakout room activities
  • Participate in teach back with CreatorUp & client teams
  • Self study of workshop materials
  • Facilitate breakout rooms activities on the day of workshop, meeting or exceeding standards and expectations of the client and CreatorUp
  • Post Event Email Feedback to CreatorUp

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