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Campaign Manager

Company: Cuz-D Industries | Job Location: Remote in Lacey, Wa | Website:

About Us:

The Straight Truth Cuz-D Industries started with a straightforward declaration from a straight-thinking contractor: “Building stuff should be easier.” That contractor is Jake Cuzdey and his statement not only created a revolutionary new saw, but a mantra for an entire company of people, all dedicated to helping builders work faster and more efficiently. Granted, this revolution didn’t happen overnight. It took years for Jake to plan and construct a higher-performing, multifunctional saw that actually makes building “stuff” easier. In fact, the journey from a cardboard prototype to a finished company took nearly a decade. And in all honesty, at one point, Jake was living in an RV behind a workshop, working odd jobs during the day and committing his nights to making the Cuz-D Straight Flush Saw a reality. In the end, his hard work paid off. Today, the Cuz-D Straight Flush Saw and its unique, recessed blade designs are revolutionizing the construction industry. Builders are now completing jobs in record time and saving money like they never did before. And as you read this, Cuz-D industries is working on even more ways to make your life simpler and more profitable. All because one contractor had the gumption and the vision to think that, just maybe, building “stuff” could be easier. And for the record, Jake didn’t use the term, “stuff.” But then, being a straight-thinking person yourself, you probably guessed that. The Cuz-D Team Jake Cuzdey Jake Cuzdey Founder and President At 8 years old, Jake was taking apart everything he could get his hands on, from clocks to car engines. His passion for building and rebuilding things lead him to become a successful contractor. After 10-years of lugging multiple saws to every job, he thought there must be a better way. For the next five years, in a humble workshop in Lacey, Washington, Jake designed, built, and tested what would soon become a revolution in the construction industry: The Cuz-D Straight Flush Saw. Simply put, Jake’s pursuit of a better saw is truly an American success story of grit and determination, where his hard work will ultimately make your hard work easier. Matt Attebery Matt Attebery Chief Operating Officer Matt is a born leader. As a kid, he was an Eagle Scout who lead efforts to help his community. As an officer in the Army he lead troops through the Korean Peninsula and Bosnia-Herzegovina, for which he was decorated. As a graduate from the University of Washington, he’s led hundreds of people in multiple industries. He’s been a plant manager, a general manager, a product manager, and most recently, Vice President of one of the largest window manufacturers on the West Coast. In many ways, Matt is like the saw he now represents: tough, tested, and ready to take on any job. Kirk Davis Kirk Davis Chief Financial Officer Kirk is no stranger to business. He’s been a Business Banker for two major financial institutions: Bank of America and US Bank. He’s been a Business Advisor for Washington Small Business Development Center. He’s even taught others the fundamentals of Business at Green River College. If Kirk has learned anything over his long and successful career it’s how to recognize a good investment when you see one. Which explains why he is now Chief Financial Officer of Cuz-D Industries. We leave the competition in the sawdust.

Job Description:

We are looking for someone to handle our marketing campaign. We have a product already launched and we're just waiting for a few investors to close. We want to utilize some of our funds now to market our product.

We are looking for someone in the USA (phone call to CEO/founder required) but will consider others as well, as long as English is good.
We have a good budget for marketing of our product: Straight Flush Saw.
Our website is:
Pay will be determined by your portfolio and how well you can campaign. Up to $20k USD

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