CRO - Conversion Rate Optimization

About Us:

Based in New York City Hybrid Working from Fall 2021 We are a global digital agency with a deep passion, verging on obsession for utilizing data to drive incredible results for some of the biggest brands in the world! We have more grown exponentially over the past 12 months and are reinvesting into 2021 towards building our dream data team, capable of achieving our lofty ambitions to continue our stratospheric rise towards being the #1 in our niche on the planet! WHO ARE WE? We are a bunch of passionate techies with a knack for creating incredible platforms for our clients. We are obsessed with quality and following the right principles rather than focussing on getting a project out the door quickly, because we know that perfection takes time.

Job Description:


You will utilise your combination of knowledge in Digital Marketing and eCommerce to create an insightful and bold strategy to optimize our clients’ websites and operations.

You will be given the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects that you can bring your experience in driving personalization and testing efforts using either Dynamic Yield or Nosto.

You will bring your understanding of ecommerce with skills such as Shopifty and liquid coding to create a deeper understanding of our clients needs for optimization.

We are looking for someone who can not only bring their exceptional technical skills to the table, but also someone who is going to contribute ideas, and be a driving force in our team long term!


Dynamic Yield Website Optimization UX eCommerce Digital Marketing Shopify A/B Testing Google Analytics


Previous experience working in client facing role. familiar with the landscape of personalization, merchandising, and testing vendors in the space Master’s degree or equivalent work experience in related field Basic, proficient, advanced or mastery of code

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