Email Marketing Specialist



About Us:

Optiwatt’s mission is to reduce global warming and advance electric vehicle adoption. We are making electric vehicle ownership cheaper and balancing the electric grid by building the world’s largest network of connected and controlled electric vehicles.

Job Description:

Apologies if this is a big “no-no” on this subreddit, but I’m hoping someone here could help. I run a company called Optiwatt, we offer a free app to drivers that allow them to save money and reduce emissions with EV charging. We have 60k actively managed EVs on our platform and monetize by working with utilities to reduce peak load (prevent blackouts, wildfires, hit 2030 emissions targets, etc). We currently have some basic onboarding email marketing setups in Klaviyo, but we are looking for someone who can run our entire email marketing program. We are looking for the following:

  1. A copywriter to create the email
  2. Designer to make the email look on-brand
  3. Designer to create the email template within Klaviyo
  4. Klaviyo manager to handle the flows, segments, etc This would be a contractor position initially, probably around 20-40 hours per week, and eventually a full-time role. If you know anyone or are interested, please reach out.

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