Facebook Ads Manager (Fully-Remote)

Posted: Sep 29 2020


Remote in Worldwide - Advertising - Contract

About Us:

SharkSourced is an LMRD (Lean, Mean, Results Driven) Agency that focuses solely on helping Health Coaches & E-Commerce businesses scale aggressively though Facebook Paid Advertising. Founded by Blake Basuel who's spent the past 4 years attracting the best talent globally. With our elusive company culture, calibre of clientele, SharkSourced has our pick of the litter all across the world when it comes to who we’re able to hire and work with.
Visit https://www.sharksourced.com/ to learn more.

Job Description:


In 2019, I started a Facebook Advertising Agency serving E-commerce clients specifically in the Healthtech, Biohacking & Pharmaceutical niche. I did 100% of the service delivery on my own dealing with no more than 5 clients at a time with 3 month minimums. I quickly scaled the Agency to around $22k per month with services done all by myself. Right now, I am looking to build my A- Team, create a company culture with a monastic focus on client's results (ROAS), scaling the Agency to a hyper-profitable level.

My Agency only focuses on ONE service, delivering the absolute best results in the E-commerce (Healthtech, Biohacking & Pharmaceutical) industry. Through the technical skills, training and power of Facebook Ads. We truly consider this an honor, not a job.

With TONS of candidates out there, here's what we ARE looking for: [Facebook Ads]

- Marketing Strategy
- Campaign Set Up
- Ad Copy Creation, Testing, Optimization
- Campaign Split-Testing
- Daily Monitoring of Ads to Track Performance
- Optimization of Ads
- Audience Research, Management, and Optimization
- Facebook/Instagram Re-targeting Strategy
- Facebook/Instagram Retargeting Set Up of Campaigns
- Facebook/Instagram Look-A-Like Audience Campaigns (i.e. Email List, Instagram Account(s), Facebook Page(s), Website Conversions)
- Website Audit and Suggestions for Improvement and Optimization
- Monthly Reporting
- Ad Copy

Here's what we're NOT looking for:

- Social Media Strategy
- Email Marketing
- Web Design
- Whitelabel Agencies
- Content Creation
- Instagram Growth
- PR Services
- College/Bachelor's Degree of any kind (we are interested in getting results, not what you've studied)

Salary (based on # of Ad Accounts)

The salary for this position will range from $500-$2000/pm (USD) depending on client's ad spend and ROAS.

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