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Posted: Feb 13 2020 | Full-time | Marketing | Remote in US Only | SiteSixteen - N/A

About Us:

I think we can best be described as a SaaS product incubator. We identify opportunities or maybe just interesting technologies and we build a quick product out of it. What we don't do is any of the business development. If it gains traction, awesome. If not, we built something cool. We need to find someone who cares about and is responsible for that aspect.

Job Description:

#My business partner are taking a break from a long-term product we built and have decided that 2020 is the year-long hackathon for us.

##A little about us:

> We'll provide our LinkedIn profiles to interested candidates privately.

* We're both in our late 30s and have worked together for over half of our lives. We've built some very cool projects over the years that have generated considerable revenue. We're both pretty big swinging dicks in our respective industries. This isn't a couple guys just starting out. We're seasoned vets.
* I'm a product guy in the SaaS and E-Commerce industries. I work remotely for a SaaS company as a product generalist. My strengths are in ideation, design, usability, and front-end (CSS, JS, HTML, etc.) development.
* My business partner is a PhD in AI/ML that works in the VR/gaming industry in the Bay Area. His strengths are all things back-end development from network topography to server-side programming.

We recently spent a couple years building an enterprise SaaS platform that failed to launch. We took on a flaky investor and didn't realize it until too late. We're taking a break from it and have decided to spend 2020 building 16 projects (so about one every three weeks or so) that play to our strengths. We are doing this without a focus on generating revenue and are looking to bring someone on that is responsible for that.


It's really as straight forward as: We build them, you monetize them. Whether that's a percentage of revenue or earnings per lead or some other agreement, we're super open to you defining what that relationship looks like.

##Our Goal

To turn these products into a lifestyle business or multiple lifestyle businesses. We don't really want work that hard in a few years and want to build several businesses producing residual income so we can spend our time how we want. We did this back in the 2000s and then sold it off to focus on our respective careers to gain real-world experience. We've done that and now we're back in the saddle.

##The ideal candidate is:

* A self-starter who understands SaaS and digital projects.
* Hungry. You need to want to become financially independent more than almost anything.
* Responsible and reliable. We will not be holding your hand or micro-managing and have zero interest in working with someone flaky.
* Available. We work on this almost every day after work and a lot on the weekends.
* Candid. We're professional, but we like to cut through the bullshit when it's just us and get shit done without the pretense or formalities found in a professional environment.

Our first project is done and is a domain search tool that currently focuses on expired domains. We have a lot of worker machines building a complete whois database of all 330+ million domains so we can expand on this technology in further projects, but for now it's just a sleek domain search tool. We have some monetization ideas, but we're open to let you take the lead.

We're looking at selling API access, working with affiliates, building monthly SaaS plans, etc.

Maybe we have one person managing all of these projects. Maybe we have one person per project. Maybe it's somewhere in-between.

If you want clarification, feel free to ask. If you want to jump on a call, conference call, whatever, I'm here.

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