Manager, Digital Strategy

About Us:

Spectrum Networks is a series of over 30 hyper-local news and regional sports networks owned and operated by Charter Communications, Inc. Spectrum Networks seeks to provide the most essential local news and information, cultivating relevant and thoughtful conversations that foster informed and engaged communities.

Job Description:

I think every business is having a tough time hiring these days, but as we all “reshuffle” our careers I wanted to invite this group to an opportunity on my team at Spectrum Networks. Why “reshuffle” here?

Here’s my pitch to you:

  • You'll help make big decisions that impact what the news looks like in the digital space (and maybe even help preserve democracy while you're at it).

  • You'll solve tough, important problems that NEED solving.

  • You'll work with really smart people who love their job A LOT that will teach you and lift you up. And once you get your feet under you, you'll lift up others and help them, too. That's what this job is all about.

  • You'll look back after a hard day/week/month and say, "wow, look at what we've built - this is amazing, it matters."

After years of being here, I still feel all these things.

Also, there are TWO fresh noodle/pasta places in the building (Chelsea Market)… I'm buying.

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