Marketing Lead



About Us:

Fairytrail helps people find adventure, friends, and even life partners. We are based in San Francisco and our team is fully remote.

Job Description:

I don't think dating apps are effective or good for mental health. People want to get off the app and enjoy life with someone they like. Dating apps want to keep the users on the app to generate revenue.

To solve this, I've built Fairytrail to help people find relationships by matching and meeting on group adventures. People get to go on fun trips with someone they like and we monetize when that happens. We are all aligned on getting to that fun experience.

If this sounds interesting, I'd be glad to tell you more about my product and mission. I'm looking for help with marketing. Open to various work arrangements such as co-founder, contractor, full time / part time, pay per hour or pay per project, etc. We have 35k+ users at the moment. Let's take it to 1m+ together!

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