Media Buyer



About Us:

We are a fast passed digital marketing agency that focusses on helping e-commerce business and startups grow.

Job Description:

To help us on our growing process, we’re looking for a Media Buyer who’ll manage between 5-10 clients digital marketing campaigns and be part of the agency full time.

You have to be willing to learn new technologies, pieces of software and to go beyond the scope of media buying to do projects like :

-Funnel builds

  • Learning Webflow and Clickfunnels
  • Client reporting
  • Learning to use API’s
  • Creating dashboards in Google DataStudio or creating tools and systems for the agency and our clients.

Your main role is media buying, campaign optimization, writing ad copy, ...

You’ll enter an outstanding company culture that values hard work, honesty and transparency.

We also invest over 10% of company profits into startups reducing CO2 emissions with new technologies.

Our clients like us have the drive to become bigger and better, you’ll be serving very interesting companies in all kind of niches and with different and innovative solutions to problems. From an e-commerce brand, to an info-product business selling courses online, or even a gym company with multiple locations.

Currently, we’re managing over $1k dollars in ad spend per day, and we’re growing rapidly.

We work with Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Amazon, Snapchat, etc.

You won't be trained on how to do media buying, ad copywriting and campaign optimization, so lots of experience is key for this role.

But it won’t stop there, you have to keep learning and bringing new ideas to the table, we value forward-thinking and willingness to implement. We also provide all our team members with an Oura Ring, so you can improve your sleep, all the training and books you might ever want. Feel free to DM me if you want to jump in the selection process.

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