Online Analytics Workshop Instructor



About Us:

Video is a powerful tool for communication. It can impart knowledge, tell a story, evoke emotion, and drive results. CreatorUp makes it easy to produce high-quality videos for teaching telling and inspiring. Offering more than 400 products for all industries and styles, including live-action, animation, and 360VR, the CreatorUp Marketplace has solutions for marketing, business communications, education, events, social impact, and live streaming. Visit us at CreatorUp - We make video easy™

Job Description:

Must have proficiency with analytics - performance marketing, ads manager dashboards, click thru rates, bid strategy, objectives, audience targeting

CreatorUp runs specialized live online training workshops for digital marketers with top ad agencies covering the unique value proposition of video advertising on our client’s platform, and how to use it. The workshops will be conducted on the BlueJeans platform and will include elements of learning via theory, application, activity, and assessments. Our goal is to inspire the attendees and also to give them actionable lessons and insights which they can use in their campaigns.


Preferably based in the country or region of workshops. Must have flexibility to be available for training and on date of workshops (TBD) Experience delivering webinars, live online workshops, etc. Dynamic, engaging presentation style Exceptional communication skills, with extensive experience communicating professionally in local language and English Strong performer that takes initiative Has a proven track record of managing and completing tasks diligently Highly responsive and organized in ongoing communication with workshop staff/experts


Experience in digital media, entertainment, entrepreneurship, marketing Background working with marketing / digital agencies Experience with online video advertising, preferably including bidding and targeting systems Basic knowledge of the client platform


Complete CreatorUp Certified Educators course Preparation for workshop Training & strategy sessions with Instructor Trainer Product Orientation & localization meeting with client team Practice Sessions of presentation on BlueJeans platform Full Run-thru practice of presentation Full Run-thru assessment with CreatorUp & client teams Self study of workshop materials Contribute to instructional team to complete 2.5 hour workshops - 2-3 instructors, Tech Producer, Event Producer Post program review/feedback meeting with client + CreatorUp

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