Partner Marketing Manager

About Us:

As it relates to this job post, Garantir is a B2B cybersecurity company that makes a majority of its revenue from selling its core product, GaraSign, while the remainder of its revenue comes from services. Its customers are the Fortune 1000 companies, although there are plans to go after medium-sized companies in the future with a SaaS offering of GaraSign. Garantir is profitable and not dependent on investment money, although there is plenty of opportunity to take investment if it is decided it would be useful and cost beneficial. More generally, Garantir is a cybersecurity company that provides advanced cryptographic solutions to the enterprise. The Garantir team has worked on the security needs of businesses of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. At the core of Garantir’s philosophy is the belief that securing business infrastructure and data should not hinder performance or interrupt day-to-day operations. With GaraSign, Garantir’s flagship product, private keys remain secured at all times, while a client-side hashing architecture ensures high performance for all cryptographic operations, including code signing, SSH, S/MIME, document signing, TLS, secure backup, and more. Learn more about the company here:

Job Description:

Our flagship product, GaraSign, enables the sale of our technology partners' products and services. Additionally, many customers that already have our partners' products deployed, require the additional functionality that GaraSign offers in order make full use of their investment.

This partner marketing manager role will be responsible for driving marketing activities with our technology partners and resellers to increase our brand awareness and lead generation. Marketing activities include, but are not limited to, presentations, joint blog posts, training, webinars, etc.

While we have a pretty good idea of what we are looking for, we are very open to ideas and are looking to collaborate openly with people with strong B2B marketing backgrounds. People with experience in B2B cybersecurity or tech marketing are highly encouraged to apply, but we are open to chat with anyone who feels they would be a good fit.

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