Product/Content Marketing Manager

Posted: Oct 22 2020


On-Site in SF or remote - Content Marketing - Full-time

About Us:

MadKudu helps SaaS companies identify, qualify, and engage their leads throughout the buyer journey.
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Job Description:

MadKudu is hiring a product marketing manager with an emphasis on content. This person will manage product marketing and be responsible for the creation and execution of a content calendar.

This is B2B SaaS at its best. I love that MadKudu is combining product and content marketing into one role. This ensures a tight alignment between marketing, product and sales. On a small team, this is essential and I think decisions says a lot about how marketing will develop at MadKudu—product-focused and customer-centric.

The right person for this job has strong writing chops but doesn't want to be to bound to a blank Google Doc 40 hours/week. They will need to learn the product, develop a good relationship with sales and be able to manage external contractors. They'll also need some analytics skills. As I talk about in our ebook, every marketer should be a Google Sheets/Excel whiz at this point. That's definitely true for this role.

You might be a good fit for this role if...

  • You have solid B2B experience. I know there's plenty of overlap between B2B, B2C, ecommerce, etc. but there's also nuance to each. MadKudu is looking for someone who already knows B2B and knows what it's like to be or speak to B2B marketers. The person who fills this role should also fit MadKudu's ideal customer profile
  • You're a strong writer. This is obvious but worth stating. You don't need to be Hemingway, but you need to be a clear, concise writer. Your writing samples should reflect this.
  • You're interested in product marketing. As Laura said, you don't need deep product marketing experience, but you do need to want to interested in becoming an expert.

You want to be on the ground floor of a startup marketing team. MadKudu is a small-but-growing company. Laura is building a marketing team from scratch and this person will be a key part of that team. Hitching your wagon to a growing company is great for your career, but startup life isn't for everyone. If a fast-paced startup excites you, this could be a great fit. One last thing: location. MadKudu is headquartered in the Bay Area and one day will return to its offices. They'd prefer someone in the Bay Area, but if you're interested in this role, you should still apply.