Senior Growth Marketing Manager

About Us:

BetaDwarf is an ambitious venture company where we push the boundaries of co-op games to create lifelong friendships all around and across the world. Joined by the illustrious London Venture Partners, Makers Fund, 1Up Ventures and Everblue Management we’re on a journey to becoming a front-runner in games that also attacks a society epidemic; loneliness. It all started in Copenhagen with a small group squatting in a university classroom for 7 months, getting discovered and moving in together for 3 years. Through a kickstarter, a private bank loan and perseverance we released FORCED, selling 500,000+ copies and since reaching millions of players with Minion Masters. Check out the popular imgur picture story here.

Job Description:

Join BetaDwarf to form the future of co-op with the innovative Project F4E. You’ll be the main driver for bringing millions of users into a community-driven game that’ll make friendships through games.

JOB DESCRIPTION You’ll report directly to the Head of Marketing and Community and focus mainly on Project F4E.

Using past experiences (and future learnings you obtain) you’ll own and execute initiatives to bring players into the community.

Your focus is numbers and funnels - i.e. lead generation, performance marketing and funnel optimization.

Chances to contribute more broadly are plentiful and depend on your initiative and strengths.

You’ll have freedom of method, lots of responsibility and high expectations. A passionate team with experience and expertise supports and challenges you to deliver the best results.


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