Posted: Mar 29 2020 | Freelancer | Social Media

Social Media Content Creator

Company: Acorn Games Advertising | Job Location: Remote in Remote | Website:

About Us:

Acorn Games Advertising provides affordable social media and community management services for companies within the video games industry. From building an audience from scratch, all the way to inspiring a community of thousands, our focus is on creating meaningful and engaging content. All services are available in multiple languages and bespoke pricing may be available to meet our clients' unique requirements.

Job Description:

Hi all, I'm looking for someone to help me with content creation and some community management in the video gaming market. Previous experience or interest in this market is a must.

If you're already working from home, this would be great as I can offer a little extra cash for your services, alongside whatever other tasks you're up to. I would pay something around $750/£600 for your time - maybe about 8 hours a week. Potentially, in the future, I might break it out into a 'real' job, but for now I'm interested to get just a little hands-on help and we can go from there!
I'm ideally looking for someone in the UK or EU, but am open to NA too.

Skills Required
• Self-driven, ability to work on your own and figure your way through complicated tasks.
• Outgoing personality, ability to engage informally with clients and community members but in a professional manner.
• Analytical mind, ability to digest the key selling-points of a product and think up strategies around them.

Hard Skills
• Basic Photoshop skills for editing imagery.
• Basic video editing skills for putting together GIFs or short video.
• Excellent written word with ability to create shorter social posts. Ability to adapt voice is a must.
• Multitasking. Moving between products and getting your head in the right ‘space’ for each campaign. Harder than it sounds!

If you're interested, please message me - I would like to assign you some challenges to help separate out the applicants.

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