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Posted: Apr 17 2020 | Freelancer | Social Media | Remote in Worldwide | Ignite International -

About Us:

A global lifestyle brand unlike any other, IGNITE combines premium quality ingredients with an unprecedented level of ambition, innovation and an uncompromised standard of excellence. Inspired by its CEO and founder, Dan Bilzerian, IGNITE has positioned itself as the gold standard and industry expert in cannabis and CBD supported with a premium apparel line for an active lifestyle. Continuing its ruthless pursuit of perfection, IGNITE recently introduced its beverage division consisting of Alkaline PH Water, Performance Beverages and Spirits. IGNITE disrupts marketing norms with an authentic, quality-first mission, taking its expansion world-wide. Following its September 2018 US launch, 2019 saw expansion into the UK and Mexico, with continued expansion in 2020 to the Middle East and Canada with many more to come. IGNITE is a socially responsible company and is committed to using marketing and brand power as a positive catalyst for a healthy lifestyle. The IGNITE management team believes that these actions have a positive impact on the Company, its employees and its shareholders. IGNITE is unapologetic in our attitude and in our promise to provide the ultimate experience to our customers. It will always be the best or nothing for IGNITE.

Job Description:

IGNITE International is looking for a new, fresh and hungry army of Influencers, Social Media Specialists, Photographers, Models and anyone else who has wanted to be involved with Ignite. Especially during COVID-19, a lot of you may have nothing to do or you want a meaningful side hustle. I am providing this link to you to sign up to be part of our private Zoom meetings and support team.

All you have to do is sit in on a meeting and see if this is for you. If you've never heard about Ignite or Dan Bilzerian, then feel free to research and familiarize. I have been involved for about a week now and others have been working for them through this opportunity for about 6 weeks now and it's been great, especially if working in marketing or creating content is your thing.

Hope some of you join my team and take the time to see what it's all about. Payment is based on your personal percentage conversion rate; in other words, you are paid based on 40% of each direct sale, each indirect sale and on your direct and indirect influential value.

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