Posted: May 20 2020 | Contract | Social Media

Verification Vendor

Company: Valor Media | Job Location: Remote in Worldwide | Website:

About Us:

We have been building this company for the last 7 years from the ground up, we focus mainly on how we can bring more value with maintaining the best relationships with our clients. We are truly here to put our clients in the spotlight for the best price possible. Guaranteed you will not find prices better than our on the web guaranteed. We are a smart, lively bunch and have already received multi-million dollar offers for our company. We are looking to grow and expand our market to as many people as possible. We believe that friendship is where the difference is made and we love the 128 clients we have worked so hard to get and maintain, we know them all personally and have relished in their journeys of growing their personal brands to help them become the best version of themselves and reach the most people.

Job Description:

I am looking for someone who is able to submit verification requests on Instagram, ideally, I would like someone who is able to do a 3-4 day turn around and costs around $2,000 per submission. I have over 120 clients with new ones coming in daily who want to get on our service and we offer verifications as apart of our process but my current vendors have their plates full.

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