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  • May 26 2020 17:03

    Today L.A.-based Battery is offering free marketing services for local small businesses

  • May 26 2020 16:49

    Today Dmexco Will Take Place as a Hybrid In-Person and Digital Conference

    The biggest event on the ad-tech calendar, Dmexco, will go on this year, albeit with some changes. The ad-tech conference will be hybridized as a physical and digital event, according to Gerald B?se, CEO of the host venue Koelnmesse, in a Monday interview with German trade publication Horizont. The...

  • May 26 2020 16:00

    Today Tumblr Adds Pinned Posts

    Tumblr users can now pin posts to the top of their pages. The blogging platform released the feature Tuesday. Tumblr said in a blog post, "Whether you're on desktop or mobile, this little tool will pin the post of your choosing to the top of your Tumblr. Your dashboard will remain unaffected. Just t...

  • May 26 2020 15:49

    Today Publicis Groupe CEO Arthur Sadoun Discusses ‘The Future of Our Work’

    The holding company leader announced that its employees would be allowed to work from home for the remainder of the year.

  • May 26 2020 15:40

    Today TikTok Is Growing Up, and So Are Its Users first made a splash in The New York Times in August 2016, months before Donald Trump's presidency began and years before the Covid-19 pandemic was even a glimmer on the horizon. At the time, Alex Zhu, co-founder of the Chinese app for user-generated short-form music videos, told the Times...

  • May 26 2020 15:20

    Today Facebook: Here’s How to Create a Messenger Room

    Facebook recently debuted Messenger Rooms for users around the world. The feature allows users to create a group video chat that can support up to 50 people. Rooms can be created from within the Messenger From Facebook application, as well as from within the standard Facebook app. When you create a...

  • May 26 2020 15:20

    Today LG Poland Apologizes for Sexist TikTok Video About Taking Upskirt Photos

    Electronics giant LG's Poland operation has posted an apology and removed all its other content from TikTok after backlash over a sexist video the brand shared on the platform. The video, initially made by a viral prank creator and then shared by LG Poland on TikTok, features a man taking photos up...

  • May 26 2020 15:18

    Today Adweek Together: Marketing for a Secure Future

    Insurance companies have been a consistent and valuable advertiser during the pandemic. But how have they adapted their marketing message and what are the results? Today we're joined by Jenn Halloran, CMO of MassMutual, in conversation with Adweek's Heide Palermo. Adweek Together is a live discussio...

  • May 26 2020 15:00

    Today Weathering the Economic Downturn Storm so Your Brand Emerges Intact

    Warren Buffett once said, "Only when the tide goes out do you discover who's been swimming naked." And with the economic downturn upon us, low tide has arrived. The good news: If your brand is looking pretty exposed at the moment, taking decisive action now can help ensure it survives this economic...

  • May 26 2020 15:00

    Today Snap Camera Lenses Mark Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

    Snapchat is marking Asian Pacific American Heritage Month with a collection of lenses for its Snap Camera desktop application. The series is called "Breaking Stereotypes," and it takes harmful phrases that Asian Americans may have heard while growing up and flips them into positive statements such a...

  • May 26 2020 14:30

    Today Cookieless Web: 3 Areas To Watch In The Second Half Of 2020

    "Data-Driven Thinking" is written by members of the media community and contains fresh ideas on the digital revolution in media. Today’s column is written by Andrew Sandoval, director of biddable media, The Media Kitchen. Earlier this year, Google announced Chrome would become the last of the big th...

  • May 26 2020 14:15

    Today What is Search Engine Marketing (+ How You Can Do It Successfully)

    Influencer Marketing HubWhat is Search Engine Marketing (+ How You Can Do It Successfully) Search engine marketing (SEM) is the marketing technique of placing ads on the search engine results pages (SERPs)... What is Search Engine Marketing (+ How You Can Do It Successfully)pernille

  • May 26 2020 14:12

    Today YTPAA x D&I TBD: How to Be an Ally for Asian Americans

    It's an especially eye-opening Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. A Fishbowl survey found that unfortunately, 70% of Asian Americans in marketing and advertising have experienced bias since the pandemic began. As Marvin Chow wrote, "As if trying to make sense of a global pandemic isn't enough, w...

  • May 26 2020 14:01

    Today Mulino Bianco: The Pursuit of Happiness

  • May 26 2020 14:00

    Today Why Instagram Influencers Are Being Swapped Out for More Authentic TikTok Creators

    There is so much speculation about how brands and influencer marketing will transform (or won't), but I'm more curious as to how we have already begun to evolve as human beings during this time. To what extent have our values and belief systems changed? How has this impacted our relationship with br...

  • May 26 2020 13:57

    Today Tuesday Stir

    Reminder: Today is Tuesday.

  • May 26 2020 13:53

    Today FCB: Rescues to the rescue

    The aim of the campaign is to transform the way society views rescues, address the misconceptions and bust the myths associated with breed and age, and shift perceptions to reframe the category and stem declining rehoming numbers. With only 25% of dog and cat owners going on...

  • May 26 2020 13:43

    Today En Avant Toute(s): #GiveThemTheBest

    The aim of this spot is to raise awareness on the perceptions of violence, which is often trivialized.

  • May 26 2020 13:34

    Today Visit València: València in Modo On

    An emotional campaign, ‘València in Modo On’, as well as being a communication campaign, it is part of a wider strategy to position the capital of Turia as the "first line of departure" for national and international tourism. And to enhance its cultural, leisure and entertai...

  • May 26 2020 13:23

    Today Ronseal: Give It A Rest

    Does Exactly What It Says On The Tin’ has for over 25 years epitomised how easy Ronseal makes DIY tasks. The no-nonsense simplicity of the line has given it a special place in popular culture too, making it one of the most recalled advertising slogans of all time. Our campai...

  • May 26 2020 13:18

    Today The Satanshop: The Satanshop, Season2

    In our society, there is satan who shows no consideration for others.
 And also, there are timid people who want to punish sa...

  • May 26 2020 13:08

    Today Fanta: Social Flavor

    We’re facing a generation that isn’t amazed by anything, that’s why we had to do something that leave us a step ahead. For accomplishing it, we create special editions with the flavor of the platforms in which they dwell: Netflix, Spotify, TikTok, Twit...

  • May 26 2020 13:06

    Today Alcaldia de Barranquilla: It depends on you

    CHALLENGE: To gradually return to reality is a state of mind that must be controlled and used so that people continue to take care of themselves and change the reality of the past a little. DESCRIPTION: EL COVID 19 is the reality of today and you mus...

  • May 26 2020 12:59

    Today Member get member

    The "Member get member" campaign was created to promote the new strategy of the digital bank In this action, people who invited other people were...

  • May 26 2020 12:51

    Today #MakeCovidLonely: #MakeCovidLonely

    With a second wave looming and feelings of loneliness on the rise, Covid19 can still feel abstract to many, making it hard to stick to physical distancing. The hero video of the #MakeCovidLonely campaign ga...

  • May 26 2020 12:47

    Today Agency Life: COVID-19 Will Cause 4 Permanent Changes

    The remote work experiment caused by COVID-19 will transform agencies. Automation will become even more integral to agency workflows as consumer media habits shift, changing the nature of talent and services. Highly office-driven cultures will shift to a more remote, distributed workforce, as compan...

  • May 26 2020 12:00

    Today David Ullman's 'Great Clients' Provides Advertising Advice Straight From the Creative Trenches

    It’s no secret that most advertising is silly, irritating, and boring. Everywhere we go, irrelevant ad-noise clutters our physical and mental environments. More importantly, it simply doesn’t work. If your company’s advertising doesn’t rise above the fray, you probably blame your agency—they’re not...

  • May 26 2020 4:05

    Today How TV Advertisers Can Prepare For The 2020 Election Cycle

    "On TV And Video" is a column exploring opportunities and challenges in advanced TV and video. Today’s column is written by Philip Inghelbrecht, co-founder and CEO at Tatari. With the 2020 presidential election only a few months away, it is time for advertisers to take stock and bake the usual inven...

  • May 26 2020 4:03

    Today 2020 Election Moves Online; Amazon’s Audible Makes Podcast Push

    Here’s today’s news round-up… Want it by email? Sign up here. The Digital Election  The 2020 campaign is happening online. Trump has recreated the appeal of his rallies on the “Trump 2020” app, which highlights programming from right-leaning news organizations. His team also hosts ni...

  • May 25 2020 14:01

    Featured Creative Palak Kapadia Looks to Exceed Her Own Expectations as a Storyteller

    Featured Creative Student, Palak Kapadia is a writer who has already created content for over 50 brands as she starts her career. Now that she's about to graduate from the Miami Ad School, NYC, she's looking forward to discovering new opportunities as a copywriter and hopes to find new ways to expr...

  • May 25 2020 13:17

    Mulino Bianco To Restart From The Little Moments Of Happiness With Publicis Italy

    Forty-five years after its founding, Mulino Bianco – one of the biggest brands among the Barilla company and the leading brand of baked products in Italy with more than 140 references in its portfolio, the brand which has established the breakfast culture in Italy – launches a new advertising campai...

  • May 25 2020 9:53

    7 Easy Website Personalization Hacks You Can Use Today

    Influencer Marketing Hub7 Easy Website Personalization Hacks You Can Use Today Website personalization hacks are a must. Personalization drives more click-throughs and results for your site and does more... 7 Easy Website Personalization Hacks You Can Use Todaypernille

  • May 25 2020 9:50

    Top 21 TikTok Video Ideas to Gain More Followers

    Influencer Marketing HubTop 21 TikTok Video Ideas to Gain More Followers TikTok is a popular short-form video-sharing social media platform, known for its funny lip-syncing videos. The platform is... Top 21 TikTok Video Ideas to Gain More Followerspernille

  • May 24 2020 7:48

    Facebook launches Facebook Shops, free storefronts for merchants

    Mark Zuckerberg this week announced the launch of Facebook Shops, a new product that enables merchants to sell directly on WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, or Facebook. Facebook Shops will inspire people to shop and make buying and […]

  • May 23 2020 22:05

    The front page of the New York Times for Sunday, May 24.Multiple...

    The front page of the New York Times for Sunday, May 24.Multiple articles have been placed on the front page of every edition in the paper’s long history (even after 9/11). Until today. UPDATE: Let the memes begin.

  • May 23 2020 15:26

    Student Spec Ad 'Wherever. Together.' Brings Sisterhood to the Outdoors

    There are women all around the world who spend their days outdoors - often traversing over uneven and steep terrain - who we don’t conventionally consider explorers. To the next generation of explorers, what could be more inspiring? We identify women in developing countries who champion causes such...

  • May 23 2020 15:13

    Spec Ad 'Spotify Match' Seeks To Connect Strangers with Shared Love for Music

    Over 76% of Americans drive alone to work every day. That's 115 millions cars on the road and accounts for one-third of the country’s air pollution. People don’t like to carpool because sharing a car with a stranger can feel awkward. And the planet bears the brunt of that. So we thought - what bett...

  • May 22 2020 20:52

    "My Better Normal" - a resolution time capsule. (2020) Canada

  • May 22 2020 19:58

    This Copywriter Printed His Portfolio on Toilet Paper And Is Selling It for $150,000

    The roll comes with one year of Evan Maranca's services.

  • May 22 2020 19:46

    Colle McVoy Has a Memorial Day Weekend Playlist for You

    943 songs to get you through the long weekend.

  • May 22 2020 16:25

    Social Distancing – And Meditating – With Friends: Polar CEO Kunal Gupta

    “Visualize where you are. It may be a city or a neighborhood … the building … the home … the floor … the room.” In honor of Mental Health Month, we did something a little different in this episode. The second half is a guided meditation session led by Kunal Gupta who, in addition to... Continue read...

  • May 22 2020 15:54

    Is LiveIntent In A Sweet Spot?

    The end of the third-party cookie and the arrival of COVID-19 are twin tornados tearing the roofs off many ad tech houses. But some companies stand to gain. There’s Google, course, and … LiveIntent? This week on AdExchanger Talks, President Brian Silver makes a case that his company is well position...

  • May 22 2020 15:38

    While We Work Remotely, These Data Science Innovators Keep Ad Tech Moving

    "Data-Driven Thinking" is written by members of the media community and contains fresh ideas on the digital revolution in media. Today’s column is written by Tom Weiss, chief technology officer and chief data scientist at Dativa. While we're still largely confined to our homes, frequently glued to o...

  • May 22 2020 14:57

    The Big Story: Highway To The Machine Zone

    The M&A has been relentless this past week, with AppLovin buying the game publisher Machine Zone, Facebook buying GIPHY and Twitter buying the DSP CrossInstall. On this episode, the team breaks down what each acquisition means. What is CrossInstall, and why would Twitter need to actually own a d...

  • May 22 2020 14:25

    Friday Stir

    Pre-Memorial Day weekend edition.

  • May 22 2020 14:15

    LiveRamp Earnings Show It Has The Runway (And Cash) To Weather This Crisis

    The recent string of relatively strong Q1 ad tech performances continued on Thursday, when LiveRamp announced revenue grew 35% year over year to $106 million. The toughest quarter is still to come. LiveRamp CEO Scott Howe cautioned investors that Q2 could show a sequential decline in revenue and pot...

  • May 22 2020 13:35

    Winners in Motion/Film/Gaming Craft, Publication Design Announced for ADC 99th Annual Awards

    A total of 68 Cubes were presented in Motion/Film/Gaming Craft and Publication Design on the fourth day of the week-long online ADC 99th Annual Awards, the world’s longest continually-running show celebrating excellence in craft and innovation in all forms of design and advertising.Best of Disciplin...

  • May 22 2020 13:20

    YouTube Marketing: How to Create, Promote and Optimize Video Content

    Influencer Marketing HubYouTube Marketing: How to Create, Promote and Optimize Video Content Do you want to get started with YouTube marketing but have no idea where to begin? You’re not... YouTube Marketing: How to Create, Promote and Optimize Video Contentpernille

  • May 22 2020 13:17

    How Brands Can Use TikTok Challenges to Grow Their Business

    Influencer Marketing HubHow Brands Can Use TikTok Challenges to Grow Their Business Have you noticed some weird trends on TikTok where suddenly a lot of people start making the same... How Brands Can Use TikTok Challenges to Grow Their Businesspernille

  • May 22 2020 13:15

    7 Tips for Launching Hashtag Challenges on TikTok

    Influencer Marketing Hub7 Tips for Launching Hashtag Challenges on TikTok A branded hashtag challenge is one where a brand asks people to perform a certain task and tag... 7 Tips for Launching Hashtag Challenges on TikTokpernille

  • May 22 2020 4:35

    Skullcandy: ‘We’ve Become A Wildly Metrics-Driven Company’

    Direct-to-consumer sales at Skullcandy are up more than 100% year over year. That doesn’t mean the audio, headphone and earbud company isn’t feeling the effect of the coronavirus situation like most everyone else. “Of course we are, “ said CMO Jessica Klodnicki. But the uptick validates Skullcandy’s...

  • May 22 2020 0:40

    Is Your Website a Lead Building Machine? 6 Questions to Discover It

    If you want to drive continued sales for your company, you need to master the art of lead generation and make sure that your website is actively helping your lead building efforts. The problem, of course, is that the internet is a crowded place. How are you supposed to make your website stand out fr...

  • May 21 2020 21:54

    Saatchi & Saatchi Went Through a Round of Layoffs Across Dallas and Los Angeles Offices

    Publicis Groupe agencies including BBH, Digitias and Publicis Sapient went through a round of layoffs earlier this month.

  • May 21 2020 21:23

    Ogilvy Makes Pair of Executive Appointments

    Philip Heimann was appointed to the new role of worldwide chief marketing and growth officer and David Ford was promoted to worldwide chief communications officer.

  • May 21 2020 19:40

    4A’s Joins Coalition With Other Trade Bodies to Tackle Late Payment Issue

    VoxComm is asking brands to do better.

  • May 21 2020 18:23

    McDonald’s China Sends Media Planning Responsibilities to Publicis Groupe

    Media buying duties remain with OMD.

  • May 21 2020 17:03

    Havas Health & You Names New Global CCO

    Icaro Doria previously led creative at Arnold.

  • May 21 2020 14:49

    Webinar Replay: Debunking Authentication Myths

    The slow demise of third-party cookies has left the advertising ecosystem awash in uncertainty—and a good deal of fear. Beyond the anxiety, publishers need to understand that this is actually an opportunity to reboot our industry and rebuild it based on trusted engagement. At the center of this move...

  • May 21 2020 14:06

    Apartment Cardio: 10 Best Neighbour Friendly-Exercises For a Full-Flat Workout

    With so many of us now exercising at home, there’s growing concern about making too much of a noise.In fact, since the start of lockdown, searches for flat-friendly workouts have increased by 41%.With that in mind, the team over at Essential Living have put together the 10 Best Neighbour Friendly-Ex...

  • May 21 2020 13:59

    1stAveMachine and The Gotham Group Launch YouTube Reading Series ‘Gotham Reads’ For Quarantined Kids

    The Gotham Group has partnered with a number of children-centered non-profits to launch a YouTube reading room series, Gotham Reads, a new channel that will feature close to 75 top children’s authors, content creators, screenwriters and performers reading their favorite books and giving a peek into...

  • May 21 2020 11:48

    Youtube Influencer Marketing Global Spend Report: Q1, 2020

    Influencer Marketing HubYoutube Influencer Marketing Global Spend Report: Q1, 2020 Since 2017, we have been conducting research to provide useful insight into how brands and agencies view the... Youtube Influencer Marketing Global Spend Report: Q1, 2020Werner Geyser

  • May 21 2020 10:40

    Well, this is cute. To promote social distancing, Burger King in...

    Well, this is cute. To promote social distancing, Burger King in Italy is offering the Whopper with extra onions.Agency: Wunderman Thompson Italy

  • May 21 2020 7:55

    How Marketing Funnels Work (and How You Can Create One)

    Influencer Marketing HubHow Marketing Funnels Work (and How You Can Create One) Marketing funnels map a buyer’s journey with your brand. From the moment that they first hear about your... How Marketing Funnels Work (and How You Can Create One)pernille

  • May 20 2020 20:53

    Lucky Expands Design & Animation Representation With Award-Winning Talent

  • May 20 2020 19:35

    Rupert Neve enlists producers to help you #washandlearn

  • May 20 2020 16:23

    Top Instagram Updates in 2020 – May Edition

    People want content right now, and it’s up to you to hold up your end of the bargain. Part of offering continually great content, of course, is staying up to date on all of the latest and greatest in social media trends. This past month, Instagram alone has given us some incredible new features (or...

  • May 20 2020 15:46

    Why Gamers Are Your Most Powerful Audience Yet

    Influencer Marketing HubWhy Gamers Are Your Most Powerful Audience Yet Should every marketer consider the possibilities within the gaming industry when there is so much uncertainty in the... Why Gamers Are Your Most Powerful Audience YetWerner Geyser

  • May 20 2020 6:19

    Farm League's 'Mothers Every Day' Campaign Celebrates Mothers in Quarantine

    The unsung heroes of quarantine deserve more than just one day. Mothers of all walks of life celebrate and commiserate about their ‘safer-at-home’ experiences in a new remote-directed piece from Farm League’s Britton Caillouette. Director Britton Caillouette’s idea for “Mothers Every Day” spark...

  • May 20 2020 5:52

    Honda Moto France Presents ‘Africa Twin at Home' Campaign

    For the arrival of the new AFRICA TWIN 2020 in dealerships, HONDA Moto France and DDB Paris sign an original and ‘adventurous’ campaign, far from the codes of the motorcycle sector and the maxi-trail universe.THE STARTING POINT For more than 30 years, the legendary AFRICA TWIN has been roaming road...

  • May 20 2020 1:03

    NYC Footy - #Respectthedistance - translating soccer’s free-kick distance to social distance (2020) :60 (USA)

  • May 20 2020 0:46

    Göteborg Energi : Lets keep it together campaign - OOH, Sweden

  • May 20 2020 0:19

    "Remote Filming" software launches for global production industry use - nice timing.

  • May 20 2020 0:02

    Åsk Dabitch on "The Strategy Inside Everything" podcast

  • May 19 2020 19:45

    Blue Kite Cinema - Forgetful Bats - a quarantine short film (2020) 20:00 (USA)

  • May 19 2020 18:53

    50 Call To Action Examples (and How to Write the Perfect CTA)

    Want more email subscribers? Contest entries? Conversions? You won’t get them without the right call to action. And since we want all of our readers and customers here at AdEspresso to maximize those conversions — getting both more sales and better ROI — we’re going to dive deep into CTAs here. In t...

  • May 19 2020 2:42

    Mint Mobile - Ryan Reynolds Slide Presentation (2020) 1:30 (USA)

  • May 18 2020 22:21

    Bad Ads, Whatcha Gonna Do?

    We’re back with another entry in AdMonster’s Discourse, the audio series that massages your eardrums while also informing you about the latest in digital media and advertising technology. As guaranteed spend from advertisers has been paused or simply dried up, publishers are leaning on the open prog...

  • May 18 2020 17:56

    Amazing Instagram Stories Examples (With Tips & Tricks to Copy)

    Since the launch of Instagram Stories in 2016, the format has taken off among advertisers. To help you take advantage of the feature, we’ve highlighted 20 of the best Instagram Stories examples that reveal advertising best practices from leading brands. Never used Instagram Stories ads before? Don’t...

  • May 16 2020 18:23

    From 2009.Agency: McCann Erickson, London

    From 2009.Agency: McCann Erickson, London

  • May 16 2020 9:16

    A fun spot for right now.Agency: BBDO NYC

    A fun spot for right now.Agency: BBDO NYC

  • May 16 2020 8:27

    Google introduces pricing rules by creative type in Ad Manager

    Google this month introduced pricing rules by creative type in Ad Manager, Google’s SSP. According to Google, publishers are now able to set unified pricing rules that apply to only display or video (instream and outstream) creatives. […]

  • May 16 2020 8:09

    Publishers now able to manually recrawl the app-ads.txt files in Ad Manager

    Google this month introduced a new feature in Ad Manager, enabling publishers to manually recrawl the app-ads.txt files in Ad Manager. By crawling, Google Ad Manager validates the syntax and provide diagnostic information to troubleshoot errors. According […]

  • May 15 2020 20:39

    Google Chrome to block heavy ads by end of August

    Google yesterday announced that it will update the browser Chrome to block heavy ads. Marshall Vale, Product Manager at Google, wrote that Chrome will interrupt heavy ads with an error page when the ad reaches the threshold of 4MB of network data, […]

  • May 15 2020 20:00

    Pixalate receives the MRC accreditation for sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT)

    Pixalate this week  announced it has received the accreditation from the Media Rating Council (MRC) for sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT) detection and filtration, for display and video advertising across desktop and mobile web, mobile in-app, and […]

  • May 14 2020 21:26

    Intensely Investigating Identity Issues

    On top of their pandemic woes, publishers need to begin preparing for Life Beyond Cookies—key to that will be identity marketing and traffic authentication, but our most recent PubForum in Santa Monica showed there's a great deal of confusion about these concepts. To prepare for our webinar on Debun...

  • May 14 2020 14:59

    Great thinking for IKEA: a series of instruction sheets to keep...

    Great thinking for IKEA: a series of instruction sheets to keep kids entertained during lockdown.Agency: Instinct, Moscow

  • May 14 2020 9:33

    Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum is shut down at the moment, but you can...

    Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum is shut down at the moment, but you can still get close to Rembrandt’s Night Watch through an interactive photo site built from 528 separate images of the painting. The ultra-high-resolution image is 44.8 billion pixels in size, and you can check it out here.

  • May 13 2020 21:55

    Whenever I’m teaching students about personification, I always,...

    Whenever I’m teaching students about personification, I always, always show these great Brian Murray headlines from (I think) 2005.Agency: Lowe Roche, Toronto

  • May 13 2020 20:19

    Behold the 8th Wonder of the World: The Identity Pyramid

    One of the most important reasons for publishers to jump on the identity train is to get connected to the advertisers' bigger targeting picture. To understand just how identity accomplishes this, behold the Identity Pyramid. This lists the various identity signals in terms of prevalence (most at the...

  • May 13 2020 16:35

    Programmatic Won… By Default?

    Marfeel asked AdMonster Editorial Director Gavin Dunaway to lead a programmatic panel with heavy hitters from Leaf Group,, Amnet, and more. As you can imagine, it's highly engaging—the talk circles around how the programmatic ecosystem is adjusting in the pandemic fallout, especially with...

  • May 13 2020 12:57

    5 Marketing Tools for Remote Working (that Your Team Will Love)

    Remote work has been increasing rapidly over the past five years, and in this peculiar time, more businesses than ever before are in WFH mode, and finding the best marketing tools for remote working teams has become a need. Many are quickly learning that working from home has its own unique benefits...

  • May 13 2020 9:35

    I feel I’ve seen a million lockdown ads that show people in a...

    I feel I’ve seen a million lockdown ads that show people in a Zoom meeting, as if that were an advertising idea. Unfortunately, no, it’s not an idea. It’s simply the literal truth of what’s happening right now. If all you’re presenting is literal truth, your resulting ad is likely to feel corny and...

  • May 12 2020 21:44

    From 2009.Imagine a therapist that does all the talking.Manzer...

    From 2009.Imagine a therapist that does all the talking.Manzer Handcrafted GuitarsAgency: john st., Toronto

  • May 12 2020 21:35

    From 2009, an ad for a brand of super glue.Agency: DDB, Hamburg

    From 2009, an ad for a brand of super glue.Agency: DDB, Hamburg

  • May 12 2020 16:49

    Goodway Group’s Friedman Says Pubs Gotta Meet Agencies in the Middle

    AdMonsters Editorial Director Gavin Dunaway asked Goodway Group's Jay Friedman about the agency perspective as many advertisers turned off the spend faucets with the pandemic settling in. He got a whole lot more, as Jay ties the digital advertising milieu to the larger global economic picture, while...

  • May 11 2020 17:50

    Google Ads Keyword Planner: What Has Changed (And How To Use It)

    It’s no secret, Google search ads are getting expensive. Thanks to extreme growth in CPC, the penny clicks of days past are no more. The new Google Ads Keyword Planner can’t turn back time, but it can surely boost your campaigns’ performance. In highly competitive fields, like law and accounting, sp...

  • May 10 2020 8:10

    Nielsen launches Gracenote Audio On Demand with a dataset of 37 million podcast episodes

    Nielsen this week launched Gracenote Audio On Demand, a dataset enabling search and discovery of over 37 million podcast episodes across all audio platforms. According to Nielsen, Gracenote Audio On Demand has podcast titles, descriptions and imagery […]

  • May 10 2020 7:34

    How Brand Lift Studies work on YouTube?

    Advertisers that buy YouTube video ads are able to setup Brand Lift Studies on Google Ads or on DV360. Brand Lift Studies measure the moments along the consumer journey, including brand awareness, ad recall, consideration, […]

  • May 10 2020 7:30

    Google to introduce Brand Lift Studies on TV screens

    Google this week announced the introduction of Brand Lift Studies on TV Screens. Brand lift surveys will be available in the coming weeks for the YouTube app, and in early Q3 for YouTube TV.  Debbie Weinstein, […]

  • May 9 2020 20:19

    Shopify’s revenue grew 47% in the first quarter of 2020

    Shopify this week released the first-quarter 2020 financial results. Shopify’s total revenue in the first quarter was $470.0 million, a 47% increase from the comparable quarter in 2019. Shopify says the increase is driven by an […]

  • May 9 2020 16:25

    Ad-Juster gives a 33% discount to publishers due to coronavirus pandemic

    Ad-Juster this week announced that will give a 33% discount to all customers, on their total monthly fees, for May, June and July 2020. Ad-Juster is a reporting and analytics platform for digital publishers, bought by DoubleVerify […]

  • May 8 2020 15:14

    During COVID-19, Commerce is More Important Than Ever for Publishers. Here’s What They Should Know.

    Traffic is up. Ad revenues are down. COVID-19 has turned publishing on its head, and publishers are scrambling to find new ways to diversify revenues under changing conditions. It’s not impossible. It’s just different. The ever-evolving media landscape is accelerating down an unexpected course. Here...

  • May 7 2020 19:02

    Online Reputation Management: What It Is & Why You Need It

    Your business works hard to keep your customers happy. You connect with customers one-on-one and tirelessly develop new products and features to meet customers’ needs. But even with the best customer service, a business is bound to see its reputation take a hit every now and then. A customer posts a...

  • May 6 2020 19:11

    Healthcare Marketing: 9 Pro Tips to Attract More Patients Quickly

    Hospitals, dentists, doctor’s offices, and even insurance companies have their hands full at any given point in time. A lot goes into running any kind of healthcare practice or organization, and you have to be focused on putting the patient’s care first. But you need a good Healthcare marketing plan...

  • May 5 2020 17:34

    Social Sharing & Copyright: What Brands Can & Can’t Use on Social Media

    Social sharing pop quiz time: If you Google search the word “donut,” find a great image, can you then download it, upload it to your site, and use it for your own commercial site? And another question: Are you able to add any music to the background of your video, even if it’s only meant Read More

  • May 4 2020 17:44

    Digital Advertising Platforms Throwdown: Which One Should You Use?

    So, you want to reach a broader target audience and have decided to give digital advertising a try. Great! But, where do you get started? Which one -of the several digital advertising platforms- should you pick? Is there one platform that will work better for your industry or your audience? There ar...

  • May 4 2020 16:47

    PubForum Video: Keynote Elgin Kim, Lab1492, on Making Mobile Pay

    "We're at a point now where we're going to have to focus on that one-to-one relationship," says mobile expert Elgin Kim, Partner, Lab1492. In this wide-ranging fireside chat with AdMonsters Chairman Rob Beeler, Kim explores the biggest operational and date challenges in apps and mobile web currently...

  • April 30 2020 20:16

    Webinar Replay: The Revenue Boost You Could Use Right Now

    Ad-blocking users are too often written off as “lost traffic” when studies show they can help revenue efforts when given the right incentives—anything from less intrusive advertising to the ability to pay cash for content. Considering ad-blocking users can average 15% of traffic, that’s potential re...

  • April 30 2020 3:40

    Understanding Your Ad-Blocking Audience: A Conversation With Frederick Leuschner, AAX CEO

    Leading up to our upcoming webinar with the Acceptable Ads Exchange (AAX), The Revenue Boost You Could Use Right Now—Ad-Blocker Traffic, on April 30, @1PM, Editorial Director, Gavin Dunaway, had a conversation with CEO Frederick Leuschner. We talked about the importance of publishers not resorting t...

  • February 24 2020 16:57

    TVSquared Releases Pan-European TV Advertising Performance Analysis

    Tying TV to Business Outcomes Proves to Be a High Priority Across Europe, with Advertisers Tracking an Average of Five KPIs EDINBURGH, Scotland — TVSquared, the global leader in TV attribution, today released the findings of its pan-European TV advertising performance analysis. Looking at data acros...

  • February 24 2020 16:54

    Taboola Newsroom Reaches Milestone Adoption and Announces New Subscription Offering; More Than 400 Premium Publishers, Including Hearst and Sport1, Inform Editorial Decisions, Acquire and Retain Readers with Offering, and Can Now Drive Subscriptions

    NEW YORK — Taboola, the world’s leading discovery platform, today announced a major adoption milestone for its Newsroom product suite, which uses AI and the largest dataset on the open web to support quality journalism. Taboola Newsroom is now used by the world’s largest publishers to plan and optim...

  • February 24 2020 15:30

    Dwise Improves Geotargeting With Digital Element’s Location-based Technology

    Specialist media agency selects industry-leading IP geolocation technology to increase accuracy of ad targeting LONDON — Digital Element, the global IP geolocation data and services provider, announced that Stockholm-based digital advertising specialist, Dwise, has chosen its NetAcuity technology to...

  • February 18 2020 15:30

    The Online Content Crisis: Only 8% of Brits Prepared to Pay

    London, UK: The UK has the lowest number of subscribers to online editorial content with just 8% of Brits currently paying for subscriptions compared to 14% of US consumers and 38% of Norwegians, according to research conducted by AudienceProject into global news consumption. The study found that me...

  • February 18 2020 15:09

    Nissan Boosts Conversions 136.6% Following GOA Appointment

    Nissan enjoys major increase in conversions and a reduction of -56.4% costs per conversion following partnership with intelligent analytics tool  London, UK: – Nissan, the world-renowned automotive manufacturer has enlisted the help of GOA, the biddable value identification platform, to increase its...

  • February 18 2020 14:46

    A Majority of Mobile Consumers Prefer to Shop Through Direct-to-Consumer Brands Rather Than Third-Party Retailers, According to New Tapjoy Study

    Survey of over 11,290 mobile consumers reveals that 70 percent want more subscription products or services SAN FRANCISCO — Mobile consumers love the convenience of the direct-to-consumer model, and they’re hungry for more. That’s according to new research from Tapjoy (, a leading mobi...

  • February 18 2020 14:35

    Dentsu Aegis Network Acquires Media Storm to Elevate Merkle’s Multi-Channel Performance Media Services

    Third acquisition of 2020 focuses on strategic vertical growth in the media, entertainment, and retail segments COLUMBIA, Md. — Dentsu Aegis Network has acquired Media Storm, one of the largest independent data-driven audience planning and targeting agencies from founders Craig Woerz and Tim William...

  • February 17 2020 14:04

    Instagram Now Attracts a Larger Audience than Facebook Among Top Brands According to New Report from Socialbakers

    Among top 50 brand profiles, Instagram has a larger audience and nearly 20X more interactions than Facebook, according to Socialbakers’ new Q4 2019 Trends Report London, U.K – Socialbakers, the unified marketing platform for social media marketers, released a comprehensive report on Social Media Tre...

  • February 17 2020 12:10

    Lyon Real Estate Introduces SmartSocial Ads, Powered by Adfenix

    Lyon agents will now be able to hyper-target potential buyers most likely to be interested in their listings SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Lyon Real Estate has announced a partnership with Swedish global technology leader Adfenix to bring Lyon agents and their clients a fully automated social media advertisi...

  • February 17 2020 12:00

    Perion Strengthens its Partnership with Microsoft Advertising; Launches Privado Private Search Engine, Powered by Bing

    New Search Engine, owned and operated by CodeFuel, gives users maximum control of their personal information, allowing them to focus on discovering the content that matters. TEL AVIV & NEW YORK — Perion Network Ltd. (NASDAQ:PERI) announced that CodeFuel, its search technology division, has launc...