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  • July 2 2020 11:00

    Today This would be amazing work for any product category, but in...

    This would be amazing work for any product category, but in feminine hygiene, it’s just about revolutionary. Also, I think it’s the first ad I’ve ever seen that shows menstrual fluid as red and not blue.Agency: AMV BBDO, London(H/T to Sebastian Groebner!)

  • July 2 2020 10:57

    Today advertisingpics: A little to you, can mean a lot for someone...

    advertisingpics: A little to you, can mean a lot for someone else. [960x768] Source:

  • July 2 2020 10:46

    Today Top Facebook Gaming Stats Every Brand Should Know in 2020

    Influencer Marketing HubTop Facebook Gaming Stats Every Brand Should Know in 2020 Gaming is a booming sector which is expected to fetch $138 billion by 2021. While the number of... Top Facebook Gaming Stats Every Brand Should Know in 2020pernille

  • July 2 2020 10:45

    Today Periscope Staffers Walk Out; Investor Pressure on the Redskins: Thursday’s First Things First

    Welcome to First Things First, Adweek's daily resource for marketers. We'll be publishing the content to First Things First on each morning (like this post), but if you prefer that it come straight to your inbox, you can sign up for the email here. 5 Walk Out After Periscope Parent Compan...

  • July 2 2020 10:40

    Today 30+ Incredible Facebook Stats Every Marketer Should Know in 2020

    Influencer Marketing Hub30+ Incredible Facebook Stats Every Marketer Should Know in 2020 Facebook is the undisputed leader of social media platforms. For marketers, excelling at Facebook is a must, regardless... 30+ Incredible Facebook Stats Every Marketer Should Know in 2020pernille

  • July 2 2020 10:30

    Today Amazon Prime Video Has the Deepest TV Streaming Library—But Not the Highest Quality One

    Buzzy original series may drive attention to streaming services, but the bulk of most major streamers' programming catalogs are their libraries of licensed TV shows. And those licensed titles often account for the highest-quality content available on the service, according to data from streaming gui...

  • July 2 2020 5:00

    Today Marketers Need To Get Their Digital Display Houses In Order

    "Data-Driven Thinking" is written by members of the media community and contains fresh ideas on the digital revolution in media. Today’s column is written by Christian Polman, chief strategy officer at Ebiquity. Programmatic media buying and the vagaries of the digital media ecosystem hit the headli...

  • July 2 2020 4:05

    Today How Canceling The Timbersports TV Series Forced Stihl Out Of Its Comfort Zone

    The Stihl Timbersports series was already a case study on successful sports marketing. Now the chainsaw and outdoor equipment manufacturer hopes to set another example for how classic TV events will transition to online video and streaming. Stihl created the Timbersports Series in 1985. It was picke...

  • July 2 2020 4:03

    Today CMOs Too Bullish About Pandemic Recovery; UK Wants Regulatory Body For Ad Platforms

    Here’s today’s news round-up… Want it by email? Sign up here. Rose-Tinted Glasses CMOs may be overly optimistic about the pandemic’s long-term impact. Seventy-three percent expect the negative effects to be short-lived and hold a positive outlook for performance in the next two years...

  • July 1 2020 23:21

    Today’s Consumers Are Shopping More Efficiently, Buying More

    With safety concerns foremost on people's minds, consumers aren't approaching brick-and-mortar shopping as a casual activity, according to Stefanie Jay, vice president and general manager of Walmart Media Group. "They're shopping more efficiently," said Jay in conversation with Danny Wright, Adweek'...

  • July 1 2020 22:26

    Fashion Marketplace Poshmark Innovates for Stay-at-Home Buyers and Sellers

    Approaching its 10th anniversary, fashion resale marketplace Poshmark continues to innovate to stay ahead of how, where and why we shop. With more than 60 million subscribers, the site connects buyers and sellers of new and used clothing, shoes and accessories. "The way we really grew was by getting...

  • July 1 2020 21:56

    1800 Tequila Appointed Translation as Creative Agency of Record

    1800 Tequila spent over $4 million on media last year, according to Kantar Media.

  • July 1 2020 20:31

    Ryan Reynolds’ Mint Mobile Pokes Fun at ‘Big Wireless’ for Sports Stadiums

    Mint Mobile might not have a big sports stadium in its name, but according to the budget mobile carrier's new spot, that's a good thing for customers. The ad, voiced by Mint's eccentric owner and actor Ryan Reynolds, notes that the price tag on those stadiums--of which all the major carriers have at...

  • July 1 2020 20:08

    Cosmetics Retailer Ulta Beauty on How It’s Adapted to the Pandemic

    Karla Davis, Ulta Beauty's senior director, integrated marketing and media, doesn't want things to go back to normal--she wants them to be better. That's what Davis told Adweek's director, Inside the Brand, Heide Palermo, today during Adweek's virtual event The Future of Shopping. During the convers...

  • July 1 2020 20:06

    The ‘Brands of Tomorrow’ Will Be Authentic, Community-Led and Forward-Thinking

    To kick off Adweek's The Future of Shopping event today, marketers came together on a virtual stage to discuss how the novel coronavirus pandemic has shifted, accelerated and upended trends in the retail space. Three main takeaways emerged from the conversation: Brands must respond to consumers, emp...

  • July 1 2020 20:04

    How Should Brands Approach the Customer Experience Now and After the Pandemic?

    The Covid-19 pandemic has led to an explosion in online shopping and physical store closures in the U.S. To survive, brands will need to adapt their customer experience to changes in shopping behaviors. In conversation with Adweek's senior editor of brands Robert Klara during The Future of Shopping...

  • July 1 2020 20:00

    Small Businesses Can Stock Up for the Connected Consumer

    Since the introduction of Amazon's signature virtual assistant Echo, powered by Alexa, customers have engaged with brands differently and with ease. Increasingly, consumers are getting more comfortable using voice-enabled devices to help with tasks like shopping. According to research conducted by A...

  • July 1 2020 19:59

    Copy Editing Department Joins Periscope Walkout in Solidarity

    The walkout addresses alleged interference by Quad in Periscope’s social media communications about the Black Lives Matter movement and concerns that Quad was releasing deceptive data about its employee diversity.

  • July 1 2020 19:25

    Why Brands Are Boycotting Facebook

    If it seemed like you heard rumblings of a Facebook advertiser boycott, then blinked and realized it had grown into a massive movement involving many of the world's top brands, there's a simple reason for that: It really did happen that quickly. Coca-Cola, Diageo, Ford, HP, Kimberly-Clark and many o...

  • July 1 2020 18:20

    Forsman & Bodenfors New York Went Through a Round of Layoffs This Week, Split With CEO Mike Densmore

    Global CEO Guy Hayward and global executive chairman Anna Qvennerstedt will oversee the New York office.

  • July 1 2020 16:49

    Wednesday Stir

    Some ad news to kick off the month.

  • July 1 2020 16:00

    Who’s Watching AVOD? Reaching An Emerging Audience

      Ad supported video on demand (AVOD) is growing, with more content – for instance, NBCUniversal’s Peacock launches this summer – as well as more viewers. Forty-five percent of people who regularly watch online video tune into ad-supported services, according to the IAB. Still, AVOD isn’t ubiquitous...

  • July 1 2020 15:19

    Alta Badia: The new season is here


  • July 1 2020 14:00

    TEGNA And Alphonso Court Advertisers With The Promise Of Local TV Measurement

    Measurement is a major selling point for local TV advertisers as the economy starts to (sort of) reopen. Scale, however, has historically been a problem, and there hasn’t been enough data for broadcasters such as TEGNA to properly track user journeys to completion. On Wednesday, Alphonso, TEGNA’s lo...

  • July 1 2020 13:55

    Driving Operational Excellence: To Automate or Not To Automate

    COVID-19 revenue losses have been extensive, prompting massive furloughs and layoffs, but on the road to recovery, publishers will be looking for ways to keep costs low without further reducing staff. Understanding when to use automation by leveraging available technology to handle repetitive and ro...

  • July 1 2020 13:14

    In the Company of Huskies Reinvent How kids ‘Remember the Rainbow’ To Support Diversity

    The rainbow is a powerful symbol of respect and equality around the world. Yet for decades, the most common method used to help kids memorise the colours of the rainbow is the mnemonic Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain or Roy G. Biv. So, at the very moment children are learning about the rainbow,...

  • July 1 2020 13:06

    The Vulnerable Creator: FCB Brasil Create Animations for Lions Live

    By invitation of Cannes Lions, FCB Global created a series of films that broach creativity in times of vulnerability, to be shown in the Festival this year. Ten FCB offices from around the world contributed to the work, totaling 13 films, of which 2 were made by FCB Brasil.The first is the short fi...

  • July 1 2020 12:42

    Liga Contra el Cancer: Prevention Murals

    It is tradition for people in the Callao district to paint murals honoring their late relatives, many of them victims of Cancer. This mostly due to the fact that the little information they manage to receive regarding this disease is ultimately ignored. As a consequence, bei...

  • July 1 2020 12:40

    The Body Shop / Avon / Natura: More than you see

    In favor of diversity and visibility for people from the LGBTQIA+ community, Natura&Co group’s brands (Avon, Natura, and The Body Shop) created the movement “MoreThanYouSee”. Its launch happened during the airing of the first virtual LGBTQIA+ Pride Parade in Sao Paulo, i...

  • July 1 2020 12:39

    Lego: Lego shooting

    Different media published that TikTok moderators had restrictions for users analyzing the environments in which they are recorded looking for cracks in the walls or old furniture. For this reason we create Lego app in which you can design the set in which you can record your...

  • July 1 2020 12:30

    M-150: The Underdog Story

    One of the most iconic of sports passion throughout Srisakate’s journey was M-150’s yellow jacket that never left his side, soon became a symbol of hope, determination and perseverance, that the Thais have been in search of. M-150 deployed a campaign t...

  • July 1 2020 12:09

    Bonduelle: Try healthy vegetable life

    We spend a lot of time looking at smartphones. Recognizable mobile UI-elements attracts attention to much less interesting, but much more important thing — healthy diet with wide range of vegetables by Bonduelle....

  • July 1 2020 12:07

    Belgian Music Fund: Songs without Music

    Many Belgian musicians lack the funds to be able to create new music. To make their voices heard, the country's most famous artists re-recorded their most iconic hits and asked radio stations to play them. The intro sounded as usual, but suddenly the music disappeared. The l...

  • July 1 2020 11:29

    Lakeland Volunteers in Medicine: #MaskUpLKLD

    There are a million reasons to mask up, but you only need the one right next to you. Part of Collection COVID-19 Ads494 Ads in this collection.View Collection...

  • July 1 2020 11:07

    Zambezi / Black Lives Matter: Social Justice OOH

    Zambezi believes strongly in utilizing their time and talents to positively affect issues that matter deeply to them and to our society as a whole. Moved by current cultural events and racial injustice, they created a social media and out-of-home campaig...

  • July 1 2020 10:24

    Yelp: Wait in Comfort

    yili_assignment1_1.jpg   yili_assignment1_2.jpg   yili_assignment1_3.jpg...

  • July 1 2020 10:00

    Bluecore On Why CDPs Are ‘More Of A Capability Than A Stand-alone Category’

    This is the seventh in AdExchanger’s “Meet the CDPs” series. Read previous interviews with mParticle, Acquia-owned AgilOne, Amperity, Segment, ActionIQ and Lytics. Bluecore doesn’t identify as a customer data platform – but a lot of people see it as one. And that’s the category’s conundrum in a nuts...

  • July 1 2020 6:30

    Teads Announces Shortlist for Inaugural Consumer Healthcare Category Awards

    Month of Creativity comes to a close with a celebration of best in class work for Consumer Healthcare brands London & New York – Teads, The Global Media Platform, announces the shortlist for the first Consumer Healthcare Creative awards. Focusing on an industry often not recognised by traditiona...

  • July 1 2020 6:11

    Channel Bakers Names Tyler Speer Director of EMEA Business Development

    LONDON – Global advertising and marketing agency Channel Bakers has named Tyler Speer as Director of Business Development and Sales Operations for Great Britain, EU, the Middle East and Africa, announced Joshua Kreitzer, Founder and CEO.  In this new role, Speer will lead development of a growing in...

  • July 1 2020 6:03

    Gannett Announces Elimination of the CEO Position for the Operating Company and the Departure of Paul Bascobert

    MCLEAN, Va. — Gannett Co., Inc. (“Gannett”, the “Company”) (NYSE: GCI) announced that the Board of Directors (“The Board”) has decided to streamline the operating structure of the Company by eliminating the position of CEO of the operating company, Gannett Media Corp. (“Gannett Media”). Given this d...

  • July 1 2020 4:35

    Get Up To Speed: CCPA Enforcement Starts On July 1

    Folks, enforcement of the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) is here. Starting July 1, despite protestations from the business and advertising communities, the California attorney general can start investigating complaints, bringing actions, poking into privacy policies and issuing fines. Lob...

  • July 1 2020 4:30

    Check My Ads Opens Shop To Audit Broken Brand Safety Strategies

    Marketers have become increasingly conservative in their quest for brand safety. They’ve gone from blocking ads next to content that supports terrorism – such as ISIS beheading videos in 2017 – to shying away from content that simply makes them feel uncomfortable. In recent months, that’s meant bloc...

  • July 1 2020 4:05

    How Publishers And Advertisers Can Work Together To Prepare For The Cookieless Future

    “The Sell Sider” is a column written by the sell side of the digital media community. Today's column is written by Rachel Parkin, executive vice president of strategy and sales at CafeMedia. I’m doing a lot of prepping lately. With increased demand and stressed supply chains, I’m ordering staples fu...

  • July 1 2020 4:03

    Facebook Has Faced Worse Blowback; Where Brands Are Spending Instead

    Here’s today’s news round-up… Want it by email? Sign up here. The Facebook Unfriend How at-risk is Facebook, really, from the flurry of brands suspending ad campaigns? Facebook has weathered worse. Its market cap plummeted $43 billion in one day in 2018, after reports of the Cambridg...

  • June 30 2020 20:30

    CO2-Saving Satnav Campaign Unveiled By Neste

    Fastest is not always the best, that’s the message from Neste, the world’s most sustainable energy company, as its latest campaign reveals how tens of thousands of tons of CO2 could be saved if mapping and satellite navigation systems offered a CO2-friendly route option. While some cars have an 'Ec...

  • June 30 2020 20:13

    Erich Funke Launches NineLives Group Under One Worldwide Virtual Roof

  • June 30 2020 19:35

    Miami Ad School Faces Criticism for Use of ‘#AllLivesMatter’ Hashtag

    Miami Ad School removed the offending post and issued an apology, but did not address the use of the hashtag.

  • June 30 2020 18:30

    A Most Symbolic Boycott

    We haven’t seen major brand advertisers ditch social media advertising like this since MySpace 2009. An ever-growing crowd of well-known brands is pausing their ad spend on Facebook—and other social media platforms—to protest lax moderation of hateful content keeps growing longer. Our cynical minds...

  • June 30 2020 14:52

    Top 21 Twitch Sub Badges To Spice Up Your Streams

    Influencer Marketing HubTop 21 Twitch Sub Badges To Spice Up Your Streams Looking for the top Twitch sub badges? You’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll... Top 21 Twitch Sub Badges To Spice Up Your Streamspernille

  • June 30 2020 14:48

    Real Estate Facebook Ads: 12 Tips That Will Generate More Leads

    Influencer Marketing HubReal Estate Facebook Ads: 12 Tips That Will Generate More Leads The Real Estate market has traditionally been dependent on realtors’ skills to network and make personal connections. However,... Real Estate Facebook Ads: 12 Tips That Will Generate More Leadspernille

  • June 30 2020 14:47

    20 Best SEO Audit Tools to Boost Your Rankings

    Influencer Marketing Hub20 Best SEO Audit Tools to Boost Your Rankings SEO audits take a lot of time and resources. But it’s worth it to make sure that your... 20 Best SEO Audit Tools to Boost Your Rankingspernille

  • June 30 2020 14:19

    Tuesday Stir

    We don't know where June went either.

  • June 30 2020 14:18

    21 Great Examples of Real Estate Advertising on Facebook

    Influencer Marketing Hub21 Great Examples of Real Estate Advertising on Facebook Due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, the Real Estate market has been adversely affected. No one is willing... 21 Great Examples of Real Estate Advertising on Facebookpernille

  • June 30 2020 14:06

    60 Powerful Video Marketing Statistics (+Why You Should Use Video)

    Influencer Marketing Hub60 Powerful Video Marketing Statistics (+Why You Should Use Video) Video marketing is far from a new concept. As the medium continues to be used by more brands... 60 Powerful Video Marketing Statistics (+Why You Should Use Video)pernille

  • June 30 2020 12:39

    Acceptable Ads Exchange Names Scott Schwanbeck CEO

    Industry Vet to Helm Leading Ad Blocking Recovery Exchange Acceptable Ads Exchange (AAX), a leading ad exchange dedicated to recovering revenue lost to ad blockers, has named industry veteran, Scott Schwanbeck, chief executive officer. A proven leader with over two decades of media, tech and digital...

  • June 30 2020 11:31

    Bill Swanson Joins IRIS.TV as EMEA Strategy Lead

    IRIS.TV drives the expansion of its Contextual Video Marketplace with SSPs, DSPs, and publishers in the EMEA market  London: IRIS.TV, a video intelligence platform, announced the appointment of Bill Swanson as EMEA Strategy Lead. Swanson is a respected and seasoned digital media and advertising vete...

  • June 30 2020 9:41

    Rubicon Project changes name to Magnite

    Rubicon Project this week was rebranded to Magnite. Rubicon Project says Magnite is “the world’s largest independent sell-side platform for every channel and format.” Last year, Rubicon Project and Telaria announced a merge to capture growth in Connected TV. The name change was expected for both com...

  • June 30 2020 9:40

    Dailymotion Partners With AudienceProject to Enrich Its Campaign Measurement Solutions Portfolio

    Dailymotion enters a new partnership with the Danish tech firm AudienceProject, who will support the company in proving the positive impact of advertising campaigns running on its own video player. Along with this new cooperation, AudienceProject makes its entry into the French market with the aim o...

  • June 30 2020 8:22

    Undertone Adds The Trade Desk’s Unified ID Solution to its Advanced Synchronized Digital Branding Platform

    Integration of The Trade Desk Unified ID Solution into Undertone’s Data Platform Will Propel Undertone’s Industry-Leading Offerings Perion Network Ltd. (NASDAQ:PERI) announced that Undertone, the developer of Synchronized Digital Branding – which enables the world’s best brands to connect more syste...

  • June 30 2020 8:12

    Retargeting Fuels 35% of App Marketing Conversions According to New Report by AppsFlyer

    Retargeting gains traction between 2019 and 2020 with 10% increase in adoption rates as a third of apps with allocated marketing spend include it in their marketing toolbox SAN FRANCISCO — AppsFlyer, the global attribution leader, released its first retargeting report; The State of App Retargeting 2...

  • June 30 2020 7:59

    WPP Appoints Angela Ahrendts DBE to the Board

    NEW YORK & LONDON — WPP (NYSE:WPP) announced the appointment of Angela Ahrendts DBE to its Board as a Non-Executive Director. “Angela’s reputation as a leader of creative and technology-driven businesses is second to none; she also has deep insight into our clients’ needs in a changing world. We...

  • June 29 2020 22:08

    Gary Vee Catches Heat for Bleak Job Posting

    Starting salary is $32,000.

  • June 29 2020 18:20

    Supply-Side Audience Data Insertion? SpotX and Acxiom Say Oh Yeah

    As the third-party tracking cookie continues its long, long farewell tour, advertisers and publishers alike are looking for replacement targeting solutions—particularly ones that won't steep them in the user privacy quagmire brought on by cookies. Tech providers seem to be meeting them with ingenuit...

  • June 29 2020 16:07

    tmwi Supports Nationwide Study Into Spread of COVID With Sponsorship Backing

    London: tmwi, a leading innovator in data and marketing whose clients include Nestle, MG and Furniture Village, have signed up as lead sponsors of a study to further research and understand the spread of Covid-19. The sponsorship comes as tmwi looks to add its support to an initiative that increases...

  • June 29 2020 15:00

    This Social Agency Scooped Up Some Tillamook Biz While Pivoting Away From Travel

    Sparkloft Media looks to keep diversifying.

  • June 29 2020 14:03

    Five Questions for Evaluating Cookieless Publisher Solutions

    While the needs of each publisher may be slightly different, generally there are five questions every publisher should ask when evaluating whether or not a cookieless solution is right for them. Any solution that satisfies these criteria will likely enable publishers to sustain and grow ad revenue,...

  • June 29 2020 13:00

    Monday Stir

    Last Monday in June ad news roundup.

  • June 29 2020 6:19

    MRC updates the Invalid Traffic (IVT) Detection and Filtration Standards

    The Media Rating Council (MRC) this month issued an update to its Invalid Traffic (IVT) Detection and Filtration Standards. MRC says the additions and revisions in these updated Standards are intended to modernize the Invalid Traffic Detection and Filtration Guidelines Addendum, originally issued by...

  • June 29 2020 5:21

    Google’s ad revenues to drop in the US affected by the travel industry collapse, eMarketer forecasts

    eMarketer last week forecasted Google ad revenues will drop 5.3% to $39.58 billion in the US, for the current year. Before coronavirus pandemic, eMarketer predicted that Google’s US ad revenues would grow 12.9%. “Google’s net US ad revenues will decline this year primarily because of a sharp pullbac...

  • June 29 2020 5:07

    Amazon not charging a supply fee on APS when inventory is bought via Amazon DSP

    Amazon last week disclosed that is not carrying a supply fee on Amazon Publisher Services (APS), when advertisers buy the impressions via Amazon DSP. Amazon says this helps Amazon advertiser customers to secure 10% lower clearing prices versus accessing the same publishers through third-party exchan...

  • June 29 2020 4:54

    Amazon releases the Amazon DSP reporting API in an open beta

    Amazon last week announced the release of Amazon DSP reporting API in open beta. Amazon Advertising API enables advertisers, agencies, and tool providers to retrieve reports in an automated way. According to Amazon, on Amazon Advertising API advertisers can filter results by advertiser IDs and speci...

  • June 26 2020 21:27

    Internal Memo: IPG Mediabrands CEO Daryl Lee Introduces Media Responsibility Principles

    "It is not enough for brand safety to be about protecting the brand -- there must also be a commitment to protect the communities that a brand serves," Lee said.

  • June 26 2020 19:19

    Movistar - "No matter where it happens, we'll replace it" print, Ecuador

  • June 26 2020 14:22

    GIPHY SEO: What Is GIF Engine Optimization and How to Use It

    Influencer Marketing HubGIPHY SEO: What Is GIF Engine Optimization and How to Use It You probably already know about search engine optimization (SEO). But, if you’re ready this article, you’re probably interested... GIPHY SEO: What Is GIF Engine Optimization and How to Use Itpernille

  • June 26 2020 13:37

    Twitter achievement unlocked.(H/T to Karthik!)

    Twitter achievement unlocked.(H/T to Karthik!)

  • June 26 2020 13:26

    Yes, demonstration ads are old school. But done right, they’re...

    Yes, demonstration ads are old school. But done right, they’re still amazingly powerful. (This ad was produced by Noam Gershony, an Israeli Paralympic gold medalist in wheelchair tennis.)

  • June 26 2020 9:56

    Top 31 Digital Marketing Agencies to Boost Your Business in 2020

    Influencer Marketing HubTop 31 Digital Marketing Agencies to Boost Your Business in 2020 There’s a lot that goes into creating a successful business online, not the least of which is getting... Top 31 Digital Marketing Agencies to Boost Your Business in 2020pernille

  • June 25 2020 18:40

    The Facebook Ad Boycott Could Be Magic for Publishers

    The #StopHateForProfit Facebook advertising boycott, launched against the social media giant for continuously allowing hate speech and misinformation to exist on its platform, is steadily growing steam. Could this create an opportunity for publishers as brands seek to reallocate their ad spend? Foli...

  • June 25 2020 13:01

    TuneIn Launches New Brand Campaign “Hear, Here”

    TuneIn, the leading live global streaming and on-demand audio service, today revealed “Hear, Here,” a timely new brand campaign to showcase all the ways audio serves as a companion to consumers in their everyday lives as the world finds its way forward amidst a pandemic. With TuneIn’s listening tren...

  • June 25 2020 13:00

    Now Comes the Fun Part: Activating Identity

    You took a really big step by adding an identity partner, but like most things in ad tech you can’t expect to flip a switch and watch the magic happen. Activation, though, is where things get exciting—sure you’ll be able to garner looks from new advertisers and grab higher CPMs, but you’ll also get...

  • June 25 2020 11:49


  • June 25 2020 10:03

    This rule should apply to advertising, but increasingly we’re...

    This rule should apply to advertising, but increasingly we’re asked to deliver all three. What should you do? Well, dozens of books have been written to answer that question, but for me, it boils down to one piece of advice: Quality comes from quantity, so write down as many ideas as quickly as you...

  • June 24 2020 19:03

    Omelet advertising sued for whistleblower retaliation against employee

  • June 24 2020 16:58

    Personalization Power With a Push: Top 5 Takeaways

    On June 18, AdMonsters hosted a webinar with Powerinbox, Personalization Power at Scale featuring Jeff Kupietzky, CEO, Powerinbox; Max Dennis, Director of Audience Development, Assembly; and Chip Schaible, Director of National Account Sales, IQVIA. The webinar examined the intricacies of this burgeo...

  • June 23 2020 20:13

    IAB Tech Lab to sunset DigiTrust by July 31

    IAB Tech Lab this month announced that the DigiTrust initiative will be sunset by July 31, 2020. According to IAB Tech Lab, the sunset happens due to increasing operational costs driven by broad publisher deployment, a simultaneous lack of proportional funding and impending changes to cookies (and d...

  • June 23 2020 19:45

    Vibenomics selects Vistar Media as their ad serving & programmatic software provider

    Vibenomics today announced a partnership with Vistar Media. Vibenomics selected Vistar as their ad serving & programmatic software provider. Vistar Media is a provider of software for digital out-of-home (DOOH). Vistar has built a complete end-to-end programmatic ecosystem for digital out-of-hom...

  • June 23 2020 18:21

    Google: News publishers are getting 80% of the ad revenue via programmatic

    Google today stated that news publishers using Google Ad Manager are keeping over 80 percent of the revenue, when an ad is shown programmatically through Ad Manager. Google Ad Manager is the adserver normally used by publishers that sell ads programmatically or directly to advertisers. Adsense, Goog...

  • June 23 2020 17:57

    Microsoft shuts down the streaming gaming platform Mixer

    Microsoft yesterday announced that is shutting down Mixer on July 22, 2020. Mixer is a community for streaming video games. Mixer team says it realised that the time needed to grow the live streaming community was out of measure with the vision and experiences that Microsoft and Xbox want to deliver...

  • June 23 2020 13:11

    Zulu Alpha Kilo and Cineplex Bring the Movie-Going Experience to Toronto Balconies

    After three months of temporary closures, Cineplex is reopening its theatres in all markets where it is permitted by local governments as early as the end of the month. In an effort to build anticipation and remind movie-lovers of the power of shared experiences and storytelling (while observing the...

  • June 23 2020 12:52

    Northwest RiverPartners Claims Hydropower is our Best Bet for Clean Energy Now

    With debates over the best clean energy sources to combat climate change, Northwest RiverPartners reminds us that for residents in the rainy Pacific Northwest, the best source of carbon-free energy available in abundance today is still hydropower.The organization, which serves not-for-profit, commun...

  • June 23 2020 6:00

    Apple introduces a compulsory consent manager for all apps with ads

    Apple yesterday announced the introduction of a consent manager for all apps in the iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and tvOS 14 (launch should happen in the fall of 2020). App developers will need to receive the user’s permission through the AppTrackingTransparency framework to access the device’s advertising id...

  • June 23 2020 5:46

    The Brand vs. Product Debate: Building A Successful Ad Strategy In 2020

    There’s no shortage of opinions on the “proper” way to approach marketing. A simple Google search can bring up hundreds of approaches from reputable companies and people. Even more confusing is the fact that each of these sources also offers tools, tips, and resources that help you get the most out...

  • June 19 2020 9:55


  • June 18 2020 21:24

    Webinar Replay: Personalization With a Push

    In this video recap of our webinar with Powerinbox, Personalization With a Push, publishers Max Dennis, Director of Audience Development, Assembly and Chip Schaible Director of National Account Sales, IQVIA join Powerinbox's CEO Jeff Kupietzky to discuss their experiences with leveraging browser pus...

  • June 18 2020 19:48

    Level Up Your Ad Ops Skills While Working From Home

    We caught up with Brandon Gains, VP of Marketing at MonetizeMore to learn more about why his company teamed up with PubGuru to launch PubGuru University to bring AdSense and GAM training to ad ops professionals. We also talked about strategies for bringing teams closer together through training duri...

  • June 18 2020 16:55

    What Is Demand Path Optimization (DPO)?

    In the advertising industry, we are always looking for ways to be more efficient. This is especially true for media owners who are hoping to monetize their desirable content and audiences with the least amount of steps in between. Enter Demand Path Optimization which can clean up the media selling p...

  • June 17 2020 13:16

    Meet Francesca - A New 'Successful Living' Story

    DIESEL is proud to announce the launch of its new film, titled “Francesca.” Directed by Francois Rousselet—and realized with the advice of Diversity, an Italian association committed to promoting social inclusion—the short video features a young woman who is assigned male at birth. The film sees her...

  • June 17 2020 0:59

    Reupping this hilarious spot from 2013 (I think…?) by...

    Reupping this hilarious spot from 2013 (I think…?) by Greg Gray, Robin Heisey and the rest of the team at FCB Toronto.

  • June 16 2020 19:02

    Rick Wilson travels back in time to shame Domino's, gets ass handed to him.

  • June 16 2020 13:14

    Broadway's Freestyle Love Supreme to Announce Special Awards for The One Show 2020

    The highest honors at The One Show 2020, including Best of Show, all Best of Discipline winners and Agency of the Year, will be announced on June 18 in original streaming video content by improv hip-hop group and Broadway stars Freestyle Love Supreme.Under the theme “The One Show For All”, the video...

  • June 16 2020 12:56

    Personalization Is Key To Ever-Important Digital Marketing

    Simple ideas are returning and turning into extraordinary campaigns, which are again reflecting the huge value of digital marketing to businesses of all size. Personalization is central to all of these, with Forbes noting the huge success of Social Giveaways as a vehicle for helping businesses of al...

  • June 15 2020 22:18

    From 2013.This great campaign shows how Parkinson’s Disease...

    From 2013.This great campaign shows how Parkinson’s Disease disrupts the neural processes that make it possible to perform simple, everyday tasks.Agency: The Assembly Network, London

  • June 15 2020 11:59


  • June 11 2020 20:54

    Band-Aid® plans to launch a range of bandages that "embrace the beauty of diverse skin"

  • June 11 2020 16:48

    RBC "Dustin Johnson for team RBC" (2020) :30 (USA)

  • June 9 2020 20:44

    Transgender activist and model Munroe Bergdorf makes peace with L’Oréal

  • June 8 2020 22:43

    Wiener’s Circle "We’re Here For You" (2020) 1:18 (USA)

  • June 8 2020 17:52

    Dentsu evacuated Tokyo HQ over bomb threat

  • June 5 2020 4:37

    Adland's Podcast ep 7: "Social by Default" duo on the most recent events in social media