AgencySpy Dog Of The Year Awards, Round 7

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Please excuse the long paws (PUNS!). Our hiatus took a little longer than anticipated.

We wanted to close out this short week on the highest of notes by celebrating dogs. Please join us as we once again turn our focus to a few select wonderful canines and forget about the agency business’s ins and outs for a bit as we head into the holiday.

All of us here at AgencySpy wish you a comfortable, relaxing and safe Thanksgiving holiday. Enjoy the latest round of doggy winners with your mashed potatoes and smaller turkeys – and be sure your canine companions don’t get ahold of any bones.

For this round, we’ve curated some categories that seem thematically appropriate for the season.

First, we’d like to honor the dogs that go above and beyond the call of duty to contribute to the greater good. Dogs are truly incredible creatures, capable of far more than the companionship for which they are best known (the value of which, it must be said, should never be underestimated). A number of contenders boasted of accomplishments as service dogs, therapy dogs, guide dogs and more.

These four very good dogs will all share the honor of the AgencySpy Dog of the Year Canine Heroes Award for their service and dedication.

Canine Heroes Award

During more typical work life, Jade Khaleesi was known to keep stress low and scare away pigeons at Kitchen Sink’s Phoenix office, clearly providing two valuable services for the shop. It’s for her work as a registered therapy dog volunteering in her community, though, that’s she’s earned recognition as one of AgencySpy’s Canine Heroes.


Dog’s Name: Jade KhaleesiAgency Name: Kitchen Sink @kitchensinkincWhat makes her/him such a good girl/boy: She’s a registered Therapy Dog that volunteers in her community, keeps stress low in the office, & scares away pigeons.

— Andrew Roberts (@ARoberts021) October 6, 2020

Over in Hollywood, California, Battery’s best bud Gary was responsible for a more atypical act of heroism seemingly out of the movies: saving a cat stuck in a tree. Well done, Gary.


Gary is selfless as he once saved a cat that was stuck in a tree.

— Mike Parseghian (@ParseghianMike) October 7, 2020

Another therapy dog, Finn, has made the jump from Deutsch to MullenLowe. A therapy dog at LAX, one of the world’s largest airports, his services providing comfort to passengers and crew have earned him recognition as one of our Canine Heroes.

Finn was raised in two of the wildest environments around-Deutsch & now @mullenloweus. He’s also a top therapy dog at one of the biggest airports in the world-LAX, giving love to passengers & crew at his other “job”. #agencyspydoty @AgencySpy Puppy Finn:

— Finn Bodey (@FinnBodey) October 21, 2020

Pawed Parisian Patty shared an office with Jellyfish while her human parents prepared her for her next gig as a guide dog. Tu es unhéros, Patty.

Meet @jellyfishglobal‘s favorite Parisian with paws: Patty ❤@AgencySpy, Patty is a good girl who shared our daily Paris office life as her dedicated owners prepared her for her next adventure as a guide dog. #AgencySpyDOTY #BeautyandBrains

— Jellyfish (@jellyfishglobal) October 30, 2020

Again, we don’t want to overlook the importance of the everyday affection and companionship dogs provide. We know that our own dogs’ constant companionship is one of the things we are most thankful for in this otherwise awful year. With that in mind, we’ve selected a pair of pups who displayed this tendency toward unrelenting friendship to receive the AgencySpy Dog of the Year Constant Companion Award.

In a year of uncertainty, one MullenLowe creative found one constant: from Zoom calls and client meetings to replenishing walks on the beach, his best bud Sebastian was always there by his side.

Likewise, a social media lead at Pennsylvania marketing consultancy Sobosso credits her dog Phoenix’s constant unconditional love with allowing her to make it through this catastrophic year.

Constant Companion Award

Sebastian is there for the Zoom calls and client meetings that exhaust me. And for the beach walks and quiet times that replenish me. In a year of uncertainty, he’s a constant. He’s my nominee for #AgencySpyDOTY and my DOTY every year. @mullenloweus

— John Wolfarth (@jpw922) October 23, 2020

Dogs Name:PhoenixAgency: Sobosso LLCShe is like velcro, always by side, taking and giving unconditional love. Without her I would not have made it through 2020.

— Sandy Adam #WearaMask (@SandyAdam) October 6, 2020

This time of year, attention inevitably turns to family. Of course, dogs are a crucial part of the family and often play a particularly important role in the lives of children. In particular, one dog seemed to embody the family spirit, lending a paw or four to help the co-founder of Atlanta agency Dagger juggle work and parenting during a pandemic. For always putting family first, Candler is the winner of the AgencySpy Dog of the Year Dog of the Family Award.

Dog of the Family Award

Candler is always quick to lend four paws in the moments I don’t have enough hands to do it all – balancing work @DaggerAgency and parenting in a pandemic. #AgencySpyDOTY @AgencySpy

— Carla Paschke Guy (@CarlaPaschke) October 22, 2020

This is also a time for sitting, or laying, around and doing not much of anything but staring at a screen, particularly after a large meal. Dogs are often seen as fond of these times, gathering around a screen and resting as much as we do. One dog with a particular fondness for the screen, Mindshare’s Hilda, has earned the AgencySpy Dog of the Year Binge-Watching Award. She also has a winning smile.

Binge-Watching Award

Meet Hilda! She loves watching TV and always smiles ?#TeamMindshare’s Tricia Earhart from our Chicago office, calls her her dream dog ? we agree! #AgencySpyDOTY @AgencySpy

— Mindshare USA (@Mindshare_USA) October 23, 2020

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