Alcaldia De Barranquilla: Life Is Lost

Posted: September 15 2020 @ 1:47 AM | From: | Author: ivan

Alcaldia de Barranquilla Print Ad - Life is Lost

Alcaldia de Barranquilla Print Ad - Life is Lost

Alcaldia de Barranquilla Print Ad - Life is Lost

Motorcyclists have a high percentage of accidents due to careless handling of traffic signals, so far this year there have been about 448 motorcycle accidents, -68% compared to the previous year, 289 injured vs. 880 injured last year and 12 people have died due to this careless actitud.

The campaign seeks to lower these statistics more and more, seeking awareness and a change in behavior in the use of motorcycles, respect for traffic signs and mobilizing at the right speed are the keys to preserving everyone's life.

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