British Retail Consortium: Santa Has An Urgent Message For The British Public

Posted: October 24 2020 @ 6:15 AM | From: | Author: ivan

Since the Coronavirus pandemic hit Britain back in March, the public has grown used to a constant stream of press conferences, government messaging, and ever-changing advice. A new campaign however, launched by the British Retail Consortium and independent agency Five by Five, sees a new spokesperson take to the lectern - as Santa Claus himself makes an appearance with an urgent early Christmas message.The tongue-in-cheek campaign draws attention to the new approaches shoppers will have to consider when working through their Christmas lists this year, adding a festive twist to the government slogans and set-ups we’ve all grown familiar with. As Coronavirus remains a major presence in our daily lives, this will be a Christmas period like no other. The usual last-minute rushes and busy shopping centres, combined with social distancing measures, present a novel problem for shop staff, delivery drivers, warehouse workers, and suppliers - with the safety of everyone involved a top priority.

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