Corby Spirit And Wine Donates $100,000 To Support The Canadian Bartending Community This Holiday Season

Corby Spirit and Wine today announced a $100,000 donation to the Bartenders Benevolent Fund in support of service industry professionals impacted by COVID-19 restrictions this holiday season. As the largest corporate donor to the Bartenders Benevolent Fund, the contribution is part of a wider commitment to the service industry made by the Canadian hospitality industry leader, and its partner Pernod Ricard USA across North America.  

Since March, more than 800,000 bartenders, servers, hosts and kitchen staff in Canada have experienced financial hardship from loss of employment, a decrease or complete loss of wages, and temporary lay-offs. To help Canadians get through this period, Corby Spirit and Wine has already undertaken several initiatives in support of affected groups and to protect those on the front lines working to control the spread of the virus. This latest donation acknowledges the continuing responsibility of the wine and spirits industry to help bartenders and others in the industry affected by the pandemic.  

"While we prioritize responsible drinking for the holiday season, this year we are expanding our definition of 'responsibility' to include our duty to support the professionals who need it most. Hospitality and foodservice workers from across Canada are the lifeblood of our industry, and as a spirits and wine leader, it's our duty to support the communities that are most important to us," said Nicolas Krantz, President, Chief Executive Officer of Corby Spirit and Wine. "That's why we're proud to be making today's donation, and to embark on several further initiatives designed to support those in need during what is traditionally the highlight of the hospitality calendar."

The donation to the Bartenders Benevolent Fund will be allocated via the non-profit's COVID-19 Support Fund to hospitality industry professionals facing financial crisis due to the pandemic. Allocated based on need, the fund is open to workers from across Canada and is anticipated to benefit a minimum of 400 bartenders.

"Our community of Canadian bartenders and hospitality workers, many of whom are already struggling with long-term loss of income, are facing a daunting holiday season" said Kelsey Ramage, Toronto-based hospitality industry manager and bartender. "This donation and Corby's continued support are a welcome boost to us at a critical time."  

Corby Spirit and Wine is also working with prominent bartenders from across Canada to create a coffee table book of more than 100 cocktail recipes and stories from Canadian bars and restaurants. All proceeds from the sales of A Toast from Coast to Coast will also go to the Bartenders Benevolent Fund & Canadian Professional Bartenders Association.

In addition, this December, Corby Spirit and Wine will take part in a further range of digital activations across the country, part of its wider efforts to support and give back to the service industry at this time of year.  

The organization encourages consumers to remember their bartenders this holiday season and consider making their own contributions.

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Posted: December 9 2020 @ 9:32 AM