How To Prepare For Art And Design School

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If you have been excelling in art classes in high school, you might want to pursue art in college or university. You may have a specific career in mind. But if you are undecided, don't worry. Art and design is a highly diverse course and covers a vast range of talent and skills. It also allows students to horn their creative skills, which puts each individual at a competitive advantage in the job market since employers want people who can think outside the box.

Since you are sure you want to enroll for an art and design degree, what should you do to increase your admission letter odds? Listed below are seven tips to aid in making the application process to any art college smooth.

Keep an Open Mind About Your Major

Art and design is a comprehensive course. A student taking this course can major in:

  • Graphic design
  • Photography
  • Animation
  • Game art design
  • Fine arts
  • Interior design
  • Fashion design and many others.

Wherever your interest lies, in college, you shall be exposed to several disciplines that can eventually lead to a specific career path. After completing a bachelor's degree, you may further your studies by enrolling for a master's then a doctorate. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, graduates pursuing an art and design occupation get a median annual salary of over $40,000, but larger and private projects can command higher pay.

If you can't decide what to major in but want to do it early, you can seek advice from professors, mentors, industry experts, or alumni from the college you want to attend.

Start Writing Your Personal Statement Early

Even if an art school makes it an option to submit a personal statement, you can use that chance to send an impressive essay that makes you stand out. Use the essay to convince the admission board that you have more to offer as an art student than what your portfolio and transcripts are portraying.

Start practicing how to write your personal statement weeks or even months before you start the actual application. This is because you may have to revise your draft several times. Practicing you also improve your writing, which comes in handy when you are in college. If you are not confident in your writing skills, ask for help from a professional.

A high-quality personal statement written by a professional essay writer can inspire you to write your own. Use the knowledge and skills gained to craft an impressive personal statement that provides evidence supporting your reasons for pursuing an art and design course. Before sending your application, ensure it meets all the admission board's requirements.

Always Have a Portfolio of Work

Most art schools will ask applicants to submit a portfolio of work. This is to help evaluate your passion and interest in the course. An admission portfolio can be a huge determinant of whether you get enrolled in a particular school or not. That is why it should showcase your creativity, personality, and unique abilities.

Most applicants make the mistake of opting for quantity over quality. While you need to have enough samples to impress the judges, always present the highest quality pieces. Let the portfolio showcase your technical ability to use different styles to develop unique art that makes a lasting first impression.

But be mindful of what the art college wants as each school has distinct requirements. Also, don't copy a style or use other artists' work because your name will end up on the rejection list.

Decide Which Art and Design School Is Best for You

Choosing the right art school is a big decision that has to be made right. After all, you are going to be spending several years there. While the tuition is often a huge determinant of the art school you can attend, don't forget to check whether you can get a scholarship. Another great way to choose a school is to check out the faculty and ensure they are established.

Reading reviews from alumni of the school can give you a clue of the curriculum's quality. Your ideal art school should also have facilities that enhance the learning experience and sharpen talent. For instance, a well-equipped lab and studio space.

After checking that every section of your application is flawless, hit the send button before the deadline. Then start preparing for any required interviews. Make sure you know what to say about your artwork. Go online and read various art school interview questions to ensure you can say something new that is not already written in your application essay.

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