Jollibee And BBH Singapore Launch The Interactive Tiktok Rom-Com #jollieverafter

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Jollibee has launched an interactive storytelling experience #JolliEverAfter that invites the TikTok community in the Philippines to star in their own romantic comedy on the social media platform. The campaign launched on 24th November has garnered over 8 million views in under 48 hours.

The ambitious campaign, created by BBH Singapore, taps into the TikTok challenges format to tell stories. By launching 9 sub-challenges – each representing a crucial moment in a rom-com story arc – the campaign invites anyone to do any challenge to fill in the gaps in the story. The result is an infinite number of possible storylines that span the creators’ own imaginations.

Each challenge invites people to take on the role of one of our two protagonists, to tell that part of the story. Whether it’s the Call Your Crush challenge, that gets TikTokers to confess their crush to someone they like in real life; or the First Date challenge, where they act out their perfect dates – sometimes with the help of Jollibee chicken; or the 10 Years Later challenge, where they break out of the typical rom-com endings to create their own weird and wonderful conclusions to the story. 

Each of these challenges were designed to tap into existing user behaviours and trends, and make it as accessible as possible for anyone to join in.

The result is a story that is entirely up to the users, with an infinite permutation of possible storylines.

Sascha Kuntze, Chief Creative Officer at BBH Singapore, said that this is one format that could change the way entertainment is made. “We’re proud of how this campaign democratises the creative process. All we did was create the ingredients and framework that would form an interesting love story. It’s the audience who chooses where they want the story to go. It’s their story, and we’re here to facilitate it.”

Francis Flores, Global CMO of Jollibee, added that the brand is no stranger to branded entertainment. “Jollibee has been a leader in giving joy online, as seen in previous successes like our Kwentong Jollibee series that has won millions of fans around the world. Now, the #JolliEverAfter series takes a bold new step forward, by really celebrating users’ creativity and individuality in this space.”

This is not BBH Singapore’s first foray into the branded entertainment space. Earlier in November, the agency launched Running Stories – an interactive audio-tainment app that turns running routes into immersive experiences using live data.



Agency: BBH Singapore

Chief Creative Officer: Sascha Kuntze

Senior Copywriter: Stephanie Gwee, Luke Somasundram

Senior Art Director: Kenneth Foo, Sid Lim

Junior Art Director: Dawn Abegail Lee

Motion Art Director: Christopher Leow

Front End Developer: Lee Adamson

Head of Delivery: Lesley Chelvan

Operations Director: Eddie Jackson

Business Director: Ross Henderson

Account Director: Victoria Fernandez

Account Manager: Priscilla Lim

Chief Strategy Officer: Jacob Wright

Content Strategist: Faith Huang

Junior Content Strategist: Cheryl Koh

Senior Strategist: Zoe Chen

Agency Producers: Jonathan Gerard, Wendi Chong

Community Manager: Chelsea Auo

Production Company: Abundant Productions

Music & Audio Production: Song Zu Singapore


Client: Jollibee

Global Chief Marketing Officer: Francis Flores

Head of Brand Communications: Arline Adeva

Brand Engagement Manager: Cat Triviño

Social Media & Digital Content Officer: Jean Vittorio Sabado

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