Rise For Good: No Eye In Justice

In Jordan, more than half of the women are subject to violence every year. We singled out the tragic story of Fatima.Fatima is a Jordanian mother of three who had been a victim of domestic abuse by her husband who gouged both her eyes out in front of her children. Sadly, she lost her eyesight permanently that terrorizing night.For this campaign, we wanted to break the silence by creating an honest conversation around the topic, and finally witnessed outbreak in this conservative society.

Jordan is a very socially conservative and religious country that’s run by men. More often than not, women are silenced and have limited roles in society.When it comes to violence against women, there are legal loopholes that unfortunately rule in favor of men and due to societal pressures, the media neglects to publicize this sensitive, subject.

In Arabic much like in English, you cannot spell “justice” without the letter “i” which has the same exact phonetics as the word “Eye”. And thus, the word عدالة when missing the letter “ع would be meaningless, as a matter of fact justice does not exist without the “eye”, a message that links back to Fatima’s tragic story. The only way to empower the Fatimas in our community was to let them know that we “see” them and we will not stand idle. Our message was clear: Until women can look justice in the eye, the “I” of justice will fall.

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Posted: December 9 2020 @ 10:05 AM | Author: ivan