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    The "I ❤️J K Rowling" Billboard Tour Reaches Los Angeles

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  • Today Posted: September 30 2020 @ 18:16 | From:

    A Covid Ad That Actually Makes Sense.

    A Covid ad that actually makes sense. Read more

  • Today Posted: September 30 2020 @ 17:55 | From:

    Twitter Sets Goals For 2025: 25% Of U.S. Workforce Underrepresented Minorities, 10% Blacks

    Twitter released its September 2020 Inclusion & Diversity Report Wednesday, detailing its progress toward meeting its new 2025 representation commitments, as well as examining the impact of Black Lives Matter on employees in the U.S. and worldwide. Vice president, people experience and head of i... Read more

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    Amazon Rushes To Remove Shirts That Appeared After Trump Told Extremist Group To ‘Stand By’

    Within hours of the year's first nationally televised presidential debate on Tuesday night, T-shirts with the words, "Stand back, stand by," and the Proud Boys logo were selling on Amazon. President Donald Trump coined the phrase during his heated, 100-minute exchange with Democratic candidate Joe B... Read more

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    Q&A: R/GA Founder Bob Greenberg On The Agency’s Latest Reinvention

    IPG's R/GA finds itself at a crossroads as it heads into its latest reinvention and responds to a series of senior leadership departures. The agency also recently promoted Tiffany Rolfe and Ben Williams to roles as CCO and CXO amid a focus on bridging the gap between brand and experience. Given the... Read more

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    CEO Of Casanova//McCann Buys Agency From IPG

    IPG is continuing to shed agencies. Ingrid Otero-Smart, the president and CEO of Casanova//McCann, has bought a majority stake in the Hispanic and multicultural agency. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, and it's unclear how much she owns. IPG acquired the agency in 1999, and Otero-Smart joined i... Read more

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    Messenger From Facebook Features To Be Integrated Into Instagram Direct

    The plans Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg initially revealed in January 2019 to integrate the messaging services of Instagram, Messenger From Facebook and WhatsApp took a significant step forward with the company's move Wednesday to add some of Messenger's top features to Instagram Direct. The social n... Read more

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    Podcast: Marketers Still Aren’t Spending As Much In Apps As They Should Be

    The mobile ad ecosystem has changed a lot since MoPub, Twitter’s mobile ad exchange, was founded in 2010. Tech years are like dog years, and a decade might as well be a century. But the more some things change, the more they stay the same: Marketers still need some convincing to spend on mobile and.... Read more

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    Facebook’s Critics Demand Changes Ahead Of The Election

    After a summer of extra attention on how social media platforms handle moderating content, Facebook revealed new details about how it will operate its oversight board as criticism continues to pour in. The board is expected to begin hearing cases of whether the company should reverse decisions to re... Read more

  • Today Posted: September 30 2020 @ 14:45 | From:

    Ferris Bueller’s Car Theft Attempt Is Thwarted In This New LiftMaster Spot

    Back in the 1980s, when Ferris Bueller played hooky from a day of high school and proceeded to steal Cameron Frye's dad's prized Ferrari, the idea of "smart" homes, phones and garages might've sounded a little far fetched. In a new ad for LiftMaster starring Alan Ruck, who played the role of Cameron... Read more