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  • Posted: September 16 2020 @ 11:55 | From:

    Chatbot Usage Has Nearly Doubled In B-to-B Marketing This Year

    Chatbots are seeing a huge surge in business-to-business marketing use this year as the Covid-19 pandemic leads to more advertiser interest in conversational formats to reach consumers. A new report from b-to-b platform Drift and Heinz Marketing charted a 92% year-over-year growth in chatbot usage c... Read more

  • Posted: September 16 2020 @ 11:15 | From:

    Facebook Journalism Project Beefs Up Support For Branded Content Project

    The Local Media Consortium and the Local Media Association said this week that they received additional funding from the Facebook Journalism Project to go toward the second phase of the Branded Content Project. The Branded Content Project kicked off last March with local media companies that were ch... Read more

  • Posted: September 16 2020 @ 11:13 | From:

    How A Challenger Mindset Helps Brands Like DC And Pepsi ‘Strive For The Impossible’

    Contrary to popular belief, failure is an option, even in today's cutthroat marketing environment. And it may be inevitable, especially if you're pushing the envelope as a risk-taking challenger brand. What matters more than the faceplant itself is how you pick yourself up and what you learn from yo... Read more

  • Posted: September 16 2020 @ 10:47 | From:

    What Makes A Brand Bold? 3 CMOs Share Their Strategies

    One of 2020's most lauded campaigns is the Moldy Whopper, an ad that shows Burger King's signature sandwich literally rotting over the span of a month. The buzzy stunt, brought to life with help from three agencies, was created to promote the Whopper's lack of artificial ingredients and preservative... Read more

  • Posted: September 16 2020 @ 10:35 | From:

    Facebook, Coursera Kick Off Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate Program

    Facebook teamed up with online learning provider Coursera on a new Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate Program. Facebook head of scaled solutions, global business marketing Judy Toland wrote in a blog post, "The Covid-19 pandemic has shown us how crucial social media marketing skills hav... Read more

  • Posted: September 16 2020 @ 10:12 | From:

    Big Ten College Football Will Start Next Month After All, Boosting Fall TV Inventory

    Key Insight: Some college football marketers had already shifted their spend to the NFL as a result of last month's Big Ten and Pac-12 postponements. Just one month after the Big Ten conference opted to postpone its fall sports seasons--including college football--due to Covid-19, it has reversed co... Read more

  • Posted: September 16 2020 @ 10:04 | From:

    Wednesday Stir

    The previous two months this week were, in fact, days. Read more

  • Posted: September 16 2020 @ 9:41 | From:

    Gilead: Vintage Tattoo

    A campaign to alert people about the risks of hepatitis C, especially for those who attended tattoo studios a long time ago, due to the risk of non-sanitizing materials. To present this in a creative and impactful way, differentiating from the category, we asked for an experie... Read more

  • Posted: September 16 2020 @ 9:40 | From:

    Instagram: How To Use Voting Stickers In Stories

    Instagram recently began rolling out six sets of voting stickers to encourage users to vote in the 2020 U.S. election. Our guide will show you how to use these stickers on an Instagram Stories post. Note: These screenshots were captured in the Instagram application on iOS. Step 1: Once you've taken... Read more

  • Posted: September 16 2020 @ 9:35 | From:

    Nextdoor’s Redesigned Logo Provides A Welcoming Wave

    Neighborhood social network Nextdoor is waving to its users via its redesigned logo. Nextdoor said it incorporated a wave over the N in the logo as a "universal gesture of connection," as well as "a warm welcome to all and a reminder that when we reach out to connect with those nearby, the possibili... Read more