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  • Posted: September 16 2020 @ 8:04 | From:

    Today’s The Day To Go Dot-Gay

    Many digital marketers have employed a vanity domain at least once in their careers, employing a snappy second extension or URL to redirect customers to a main .com destination. But a growing trend sees domain extensions that are less about vanity and more about purpose and social good. That include... Read more

  • Posted: September 16 2020 @ 8:00 | From:

    YouTube Adds Enhanced Contextual Targeting, Expands Nielsen Partnership

    YouTube’s quest to siphon TV budgets took another couple of steps Wednesday, when the video platform unveiled “advanced contextual targeting” (ACT), as well as the ability to use Nielsen TV data to plan and measure YouTube campaigns in a handful of new countries. ACT now, folks Advanced contextual t... Read more

  • Posted: September 16 2020 @ 8:00 | From:

    Brands Need To Help Save The Environment

    It's no secret that the Covid-19 crisis has transformed daily life for virtually everyone. And according to new research, it looks as though the pandemic has also changed our priorities in ways that could have permanent consequences for the planet--a fact we've been abruptly reminded of as the West... Read more

  • Posted: September 16 2020 @ 8:00 | From:

    Linear TV Ad Revenue, Muffled By Covid-19, Projected To Dip 16% In 2020

    Key Insights: Magna projects ad spend will stabilize in the second half before a modest 2021 recovery. Political ad spend will help buoy overall ad revenues, while the postponed Olympics will generate millions in incremental ad revenue next year. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and its effects on the... Read more

  • Posted: September 16 2020 @ 8:00 | From:

    In A Play For TV Dollars, YouTube Expands Targeting Capabilities For Marketers

    In separate moves, Google today made further efforts to woo traditional TV ad buyers with targeting updates to YouTube, plus enhanced inventory access for buy-side ad tools. The advertising giant hopes these moves will further the flow of ad dollars to digital as the TV landscape goes through unprec... Read more

  • Posted: September 16 2020 @ 7:47 | From:

    IMA Launches Global Ad Campaign To Highlight How CMAs Make A Difference In Business

    IMA (Institute of Management Accountants), the association of accountants and financial professionals in business, launched a new global, integrated advertising campaign in support of the CMA (Certified Management Accountant) certification program. The multi-channel campaign was developed in partner... Read more

  • Posted: September 16 2020 @ 5:45 | From:

    Why Hugh Jackman Isn’t A Jerk; Baby Yoda Is Back: Tuesday’s First Things First

    Welcome to First Things First, Adweek's daily resource for marketers. We'll be publishing the content to First Things First on each morning (like this post), but if you prefer that it come straight to your inbox, you can sign up for the email here. Why Isn't Hugh Jackman a Total Asshole?... Read more

  • Posted: September 16 2020 @ 4:27 | From:

    Cadbury: I Missed You

    Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk has collaborated with the singing sensation Jasleen Royal as she launches her much awaited music video Sang Rahiyo, for its Heart Pop ‘I Missed You’ campaign. This is a manifestation of ‘How Far Will You Go For Love’, where Cadbury Silk has been encou... Read more

  • Posted: September 16 2020 @ 4:18 | From:

    Farrow & Ball: Modern Emulsion

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  • Posted: September 16 2020 @ 3:21 | From:

    Bamberg Symphony Orchestra: BAM Is Back

    The last few months have been very challenging for cultural institutions, including the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra whose concert hall was also empty due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which caused the season to come to a different end than planned. But now, post-lockdown in Germa... Read more