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  • Posted: September 15 2020 @ 2:00 | From:

    Nearly One-half Of The American Population Plays Mobile Games Once Or Several Times A Day

    65% of consumers with $250k HHI play mobile games once or several times a day, but only 29% of those in the group self-identify as a “gamer.” Read more

  • Posted: September 15 2020 @ 1:52 | From:

    Young Glory: The Championship Ring

    Win it in your 20s. Cash it in your 50s. The Young Glory Championship Ring, made of 18k gold, will be awarded to the overall Professional and Student winners. Read more

  • Posted: September 15 2020 @ 1:47 | From:

    Alcaldia De Barranquilla: Life Is Lost

    Motorcyclists have a high percentage of accidents due to careless handling of traffic signals, so far this year there have been about 448 motorcycle accidents, -68% compared to the previous year, 289 injured vs. 880 injured last ye... Read more

  • Posted: September 15 2020 @ 1:38 | From:

    Canada Life: For Life As You Know It

    Canada Life has launched their new platform—For life as you know it—which celebrates the differences, life moments and individual needs of people all across Canada in a time when we need it most. The TV commercial showcases several simple life moments, slowed down to show ho... Read more

  • Posted: September 15 2020 @ 1:28 | From:

    Telcel: Infinite Milk

    Read more

  • Posted: September 15 2020 @ 1:18 | From:

    KFC: Master Chick

    Problem:The outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic results to the global health and economic crisis. It leads to changes in consumer behavior especially in terms of eating out. With many consumers shifting to delivery services or home cooking methods. Challenge... Read more

  • Posted: September 15 2020 @ 1:09 | From:

    Bravecto: Bravecto For Cats

    When it comes to cats, more is more. But when it comes to treating your cats for fleas, worms and ticks less is definitely more. Bravecto is the looooongest lasting treatment, so you can spend more time with your feline friends and less time dosing.... Read more

  • Posted: September 15 2020 @ 1:02 | From:

    Switch TV: Anytime, Anywhere

    Switch TV, a new mobile media streaming service, wanted to tell people that they can watch the very best entertainment no matter where they are or what situation. The idea was to first surface our mar... Read more

  • Posted: September 15 2020 @ 1:00 | From:

    Google Starts Supporting Sellers.json In AdSense And In AdMob

    Publishers that list themselves as Transparent, have the name in the billing profile listed in Google’s sellers.json file. Read more

  • Posted: September 15 2020 @ 0:00 | From:

    Facebook Says It Will Achieve Net Zero Carbon Emissions This Year

    Facebook has announced new corporate sustainability benchmarks along with a new initiative aimed at fighting misinformation about climate change. The social network aims to achieve net zero carbon emissions starting later this year with 100% reliance on renewable energy. It also pledged to reach net... Read more