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    Thursday Stir

    Another day, more ad news. Read more

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    You Can Add App Developer To Super Bowl Champion DeMarcus Ware’s Post-NFL Career

    One of the highlights of Brandweek for the past two years has been the wellness sessions, ranging from morning yoga and mediation, to a 5K run, to a golf invitational. But that was when the event was held in Palm Springs, Calif., where the landscape lends itself to a host of outdoor activities. So,... Read more

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    3 Tips For Creating A Viral TikTok Campaign

    At Adweek's Brandweek virtual event on Wednesday, marketers from TikTok, Chipotle and Simmons came together for a Brandweek Masterclass to discuss what works best on the platform--and what falls flat. Sofia Hernandez, head of U.S. business marketing for TikTok, has worked with dozens of brands to pu... Read more

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    Instagram: How To Use Latinx And Hispanic Heritage Month Stickers In Stories

    Instagram is celebrating Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month with the release of new stickers that can be placed on Instagram Stories posts. When you add one of these stickers to your Stories post, your Story ring will turn yellow and green. Our guide will show you how to use these stickers in Instag... Read more

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    Samuel L. Jackson Muscles In On Amazon Alexa’s Turf

    One year after debuting actor Samuel L. Jackson as an add-on for select voice queries on Echo devices, Amazon has upped the ante with a Jackson-themed wake word: "Hey, Samuel." In a blog post, Amazon said this makes it "more natural and intuitive to bring Samuel's iconic voice to your Alexa-enabled... Read more

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    TV Data Company EDO Launches Solution To Make Linear TV Buys Smarter, More Accountable

    TV data science company EDO released an insights platform Thursday designed to help brands, agencies and broadcasters better plan linear TV campaigns and understand how effectively those campaigns drive search engagement. The platform, called Ad EnGage, contains a module that provides competitive in... Read more

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    Why ViacomCBS Rebranded CBS All Access As Paramount+ And Not Paramount All Access

    Key Insights: The new name references the prestige of Paramount Pictures while leaving room for further brand definition. ViacomCBS is considering sunseting some of its niche streamers, while offering bundling discounts of others, like BET+, with Paramount+. Hayes Roth remembers the first time Param... Read more

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    Marriott Tempts Loyalty Members To Get Outdoors

    Key Insight: During the pandemic, travelers have opted for drive-to leisure destinations, such as beaches and parks. For travelers who want to pair visits to Yellowstone, Yosemite and Rocky Mountain national parks with indoor plumbing, Marriott announced this morning it's teaming up with the Nationa... Read more

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    Influencer Marketing HubInflusoft As you might imagine, we see and test a lot of different influencer marketing platforms for our reviews—more... Influsoftpernille Read more

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    Nest Safe Sleeve Spec Ad Highlights Creative Tech Solution To America's Gun Problem

    CAMPAIGN BRIEF:Owning a firearm in the United States is a fundamental right. Over 43% of the U.S. population owns at least one firearm to feel safe and protected. Despite the many laws in place regulating gun ownership, violent crimes continue to rise. That's because 79% of violent acts involve a st... Read more