Denver Ad School: Debut Pioneers

Posted: January 10 2021 @ 12:00 PM | Author: siciliano

After 14 months, Denver Ad School’s “debut pioneers” portfolios are here! On Thursday, January 28, they’re hosting a virtual hangout where you can hear each graduate walk you through their favorite campaign and ask ’em questions. How cool is that? Cool. Links to portfolios and RSVP for the event are below.

Check out their portfolios here:

Hayley Lyons (copywriter):

Emily Devery (copywriter):

Alisha Benda (copywriter):

Gaby Strnad (art director):

Riley Draper (art director):

Graciela Robertson (art director):

Trisha Knope (art director):

Sabrina Saccente (art director):

RSVP for January 18th here.

Denver Ad School site here.

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