Mid/Junior Copywriter Wanted: Oberland NYC

Robert Colucci, copywriter/creative director at Oberland, is on the hunt for a mid-level/junior writer. (Yes, please!) From Oberland:

OBERLAND is an ad agency for purpose-driven brands that
harnesses the power of creativity to change the world for the better. We’re
looking for a Copywriter with a few years experience to help propel the agency
with powerful ideas and well-crafted communications. This person would work
with an Art Director to create work with originality.


  • Consistently deliver high-quality creative concepts and copy across multiple brands
  • Develop work that wins pitches


  • Creative concepting, in partnership with an art director and others on the creative team
  • Copywriting for ad executions in any format
  • Participate in the production process as your work comes to life
  • Drive the creative product of the agency


  • Confident and capable of working in an agile environment
  • Poise and presence when presenting your work and discussing with clients
  • Become trusted by our clients and teammates.
  • Represent the agency well.
  • Communicate clearly with all internal and external partners throughout the creative and production process
  • Bring a high level energy and enthusiasm to the agency each day.
  • Learn fast.


  • Self-reflection and improvement. You continually review and optimize results for every piece of creative work you and your team produce.
  • Original Thinking. The person in this role will be capable of writing documents that people enjoy reading – articles, emails, RFP’s, and more.
  • Poise and focus during intense moments, meetings and busy time periods at the agency.
  • Persuasiveness is essential. You must be able to convince people to change their choices and behaviors.
  • Resilience and realistic optimism.
  • Hard working, roll-up-your-sleeves attitude.
  • Comfortable with the uncomfortable nature of doing new things for the first time. We are inventing the future of purpose driven communications, and it’s a continuous experiment.


  • 1-2+ years of agency experience, primarily with a copywriter background
  • Ad school background helps
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Knowledge of how to develop brand identities through multi-channel marketing
  • Evidence of participation in ongoing professional development opportunities
  • Talent in presenting information concisely and accurately, with high attention to detail

For more info or to apply, email Robert (robert@thisisoberland.com) and Sophie Forman (sophie@thisisoberland.com).

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June 10 2021 | siciliano