VCU Brandcenter 2021 Grads

Always so great to see the new VCU Brandcenter graduate portfolios. This year, there are a lot of ’em (over 100). From Ashley Sommardahl, Associate Director at VCU Brandcenter:

“We are thrilled to debut the Brandcenter Class of 2021. They are a talented group of just over 100 students with concentrations in Copywriting, Art Direction, Strategy, Experience Design, and Account/Brand Management.

If you haven’t had a chance to review their work yet, we hope you’ll take some time to browse our microsite. You can get to know them by their concentration or skills, view their portfolios, and schedule time to meet with any soon-to-be graduates who might be a good fit for your agency/company.

To learn more about Brandcenter graduates, check out the demographic information on the Class of 2021 and our Alumni Salary Survey (which we release every two years).”

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June 5 2021 | siciliano