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  • May 26 2020 14:21

    Today 59% of ad agency employees working longer during pandemic, study says

    The pandemic has led many advertisers to pull back on their spending, but many also have had to revamp strategies and ad creative.

  • May 26 2020 14:11

    Today United Airlines debuts cleaning protocols with Clorox to lure back flyers

    Teaming with the P&G brand and the Cleveland Clinic is designed to reshape the airline's image after photos of packed planes circulated on social media.

  • May 26 2020 13:46

    Today Budweiser honors healthcare workers and military heroes in new campaign

    The brand, which has shown its skill in the past at delivering heart-tugging ads, debuts its latest effort as the pandemic continues to impact consumer behavior.

  • May 26 2020 13:30

    Today Enterprise Companies Struggle with Customer Experience Tasks

    Enterprise companies have numerous reasons to invest in improving their customer experience (CX), as a poor experience will lead to low customer retention (41%) or a decrease in sales (39%), according to a recent survey. Indeed, a Forrester Consulting study [download page] commissioned by CSG also f...

  • May 26 2020 13:09

    Today PepsiCo Foodservice CMO on linking restaurant relief to culture amid a pandemic

    Scott Finlow spoke to Marketing Dive about how the food and beverage giant's purposeful efforts have tapped into what's popular now, including John Krasinski's "Some Good News."

  • May 26 2020 13:00

    Today COVID-19 Expected to Drive Higher Social Media Usage This Year, with Instagram and Snapchat to Benefit

    Among the various repercussions and changing consumer behaviors attributed to the coronavirus pandemic, Americans are expected to spend more of their time on social media this year, per new forecast data from eMarketer. The research firm estimates that adult social media users will log 82 minutes pe...

  • May 26 2020 11:15

    Today Blogging for Shopify: A unique SEO approach

    Shopify stores may need to create blog content to rank for keywords that seem strictly transactional. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.

  • May 26 2020 9:35

    Today Frequently asked questions about JavaScript and links

    We get lots of questions every day - in our Webmaster office hours, at conferences, in the webmaster forum and on Twitter. One of the more frequent themes among these questions are links and especially those generated through JavaScript. In our Webmaster Conference Lightning Talks video series, we r...

  • May 26 2020 4:03

    Today Why the TV ad industry is resisting guarantees commercials will lead to sales

    Striking long-term deals guaranteeing increased sales or store visits is hard right now, which could push advertisers seeking such pledges to the scatter market. The post Why the TV ad industry is resisting guarantees commercials will lead to sales appeared first on Digiday.

  • May 26 2020 4:02

    Today Bleacher Report tries live-streamed shows in its app

    Bleacher Report believes live-streams could eventually bolster its first-party proposition to advertisers. The post Bleacher Report tries live-streamed shows in its app appeared first on Digiday.

  • May 26 2020 4:01

    Today So far, publishers are keeping subscribers gained during the coronavirus crisis

    People subscribing during coronavirus are less likely to churn. The post So far, publishers are keeping subscribers gained during the coronavirus crisis appeared first on Digiday.

  • May 26 2020 4:00

    Today The coronavirus crisis is marketing’s ultimate A/B test

    The current conditions set up a fascinating future case study into which of the foundations of marketing remained solid during a crisis, and which cracked under pressure. The post The coronavirus crisis is marketing’s ultimate A/B test appeared first on Digiday.

  • May 26 2020 4:00

    Today Telemundo’s Romina Rosado on why the Hispanic network is betting on streaming

    For Telemundo, shifting to streaming platforms -- everything from parent company Comcast's Peacock to Quibi -- is an obvious choice based on a simple fact: The median age for Latinos in the U.S. is 28, much lower than that of the country as a whole. For Telemundo SVP of Digital Romina Rosado, that m...

  • May 26 2020 4:00

    Today Digiday Research Report: Publishers expect revenue to return to pre-coronavirus levels in 2021

    The light at the end of the tunnel is pretty far off. Even as the economy bounces along to a re-opening, the crisis’ impact on the media industry is only just starting to be felt. The current crisis has been unique in that it has caused some massive accelerations of shifts already taking place: The...

  • May 26 2020 1:58

    Today Five tips to unlock campaign measurement across TV and digital

    Kevin Whitcher, vice president, product management, Moat by Oracle Data Cloud With more screens than eyes to watch them, it’s no surprise that marketers are trying to figure out how to reach and measure their intended audiences across all of the devices they use, including TVs, computers, tablets an...

  • May 25 2020 14:53

    How to Do Usability Testing Right

    User experience is one of the most important aspects of having a successful website, app, piece of software, or any other product that you’ve built.  You can’t make assumptions about the choices that your designers and developers have made during the building process. Just because the wireframe they...

  • May 25 2020 14:48

    Boost Your Sales and Productivity with These 6 Hacks

    I’m a big fan of using the most out of my time every day and I try to make all of my employees as productive as possible – especially the sales team, which is the most vital department in any SaaS company. © 2020 DK New Media, LLC, All Rights Reserved

  • May 25 2020 8:08

    20 Tricks to Double Your Ecommerce Conversion Rate

    Every ecommerce website has room for improvement. Whether you’re starting a new ecommerce shop from scratch or you’ve been in business for a decade, there are always ways to make more money. Boosting your conversion rate is the best way to generate more revenue.  You won’t have to worry about changi...

  • May 22 2020 14:45

    Coke bets on new music streamer BeApp as virtual concerts take center stage

    With gamified and social media elements, BeApp looks to innovate in a crowded virtual performance space commanded by platforms like Twitch and Facebook.

  • May 22 2020 14:14

    Walmart flips associate's hopeful poem into new video ad

    The retailer continues to spotlight employees during the pandemic as people place a higher value on how brands treat workers.

  • May 22 2020 13:30

    Where Shoppers Say They Start Their Product Hunt: Amazon > Search

    More than 6 in 10 (63%) consumers in key e-commerce markets start their online shopping searches on Amazon, topping the percentage of those who start their purchase journeys on search engines. So finds a new report [download page] from Wunderman Thompson Commerce (WTC), which details Amazon’s contin...

  • May 22 2020 13:19

    I Canceled My Expensive Website Reporting and Analysis Tools for Diib

    Diib is an affordable website analysis, reporting, and optimization tool that provides DIY marketers with all the information they need to grow their business. © 2020 DK New Media, LLC, All Rights Reserved

  • May 22 2020 13:08

    Mazda brings playable concept car to PlayStation, esports series

    By bringing the high-tech model to "Gran Turismo Sport," Mazda is looking to get homebound folks to virtually test drive its vehicles and connect online.

  • May 22 2020 13:00

    How PRs Can Better Pitch Journalists

    A conversation with almost any journalist or editor (including the team at MarketingCharts) will reveal that they are inundated with irrelevant pitches from PR professionals. For stats that back this up, a global survey [download page] by Cision of journalists and other media professionals shows tha...

  • May 22 2020 12:55

    Campaign Trail: Muscle Milk flexes mental resilience under PepsiCo banner

    "Own Your Strength" is the protein beverage's first effort since being acquired in 2019 and aims to connect with fitness buffs stuck at home during the pandemic.

  • May 22 2020 11:48

    Call Analytics tools in the spotlight: Marketing’s unsung heroes

    The current environment is spurring a resurgence of voice calls — a medium ripe with potential for analysis and insights. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.

  • May 22 2020 11:43

    Why B2B marketing automation, and martech in general, are still key

    As the customer experience bar keeps being raised, marketing automation can help brands differentiate themselves with relevant messaging. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.

  • May 22 2020 9:08

    How Yamaha changed its tune with its digital transformation strategy

    The brand’s martech leader Athan Billias says Yamaha uses data to connect with customers on an emotional level. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.

  • May 22 2020 7:41

    10 Best Heatmaps for WordPress Plugins

    Heatmaps are visual reports that represent recorded clicks on different areas of a web page.  The information provided in a heatmap is extremely valuable to anyone who owns and operates a website. You can use a heatmap to determine which areas of your website are getting the most amount of clicks. ...

  • May 22 2020 4:03

    Alfresco dining inspiration and virtual cooking classes: Travel publishers look to the other side

    Publishers at the end of the chain are forced to calculate a number of survival strategies, editorially and commercially. The post Alfresco dining inspiration and virtual cooking classes: Travel publishers look to the other side appeared first on Digiday.

  • May 22 2020 4:02

    Travel marketers turn to ‘inspiration’ to stay top of mind

    The point of the light marketing tactics, of course, are to inspire people to book through that travel brand or travel to that destination in the future whenever they are ready to travel again. The post Travel marketers turn to ‘inspiration’ to stay top of mind appeared first on Digiday.

  • May 22 2020 4:01

    ‘A heavy hitter’: How Kevin Mayer gives TikTok an aggressive leader to break into the big leagues

    Mayer’s appointment as TikTok CEO and ByteDance COO has already changed some advertising executives’ perceptions of the platform. The post ‘A heavy hitter’: How Kevin Mayer gives TikTok an aggressive leader to break into the big leagues appeared first on Digiday.

  • May 21 2020 19:12

    How to Create an E-commerce Website in 15 Minutes

    Want an E-commerce site but worried you’re not tech-savvy enough to make it happen on your own? No worries. With user-friendly platforms like Wix, you can have an E-commerce website up and running in as little as 15 minutes. With its drag and drop features and artificial design intelligence (ADI) to...

  • May 21 2020 15:00

    Navigating the road ahead: The benefits of real-time marketing

    Changes in consumer behavior have always resulted in adjustments to marketing strategies. COVID-19 has shown how quickly consumers’ interests, expectations, and purchasing behavior can shift—and with it, an ebb and flow in demand for products and services. Despite these changes, consumer expectation...

  • May 21 2020 14:53

    Skittles returns to controversial colorless packaging in honor of LGBTQ Pride

    The rainbow-free design drew criticism for its past pure white iteration, but a more muted gray bag could read as appropriate this year given the pandemic.

  • May 21 2020 14:11

    Bank of America, Facebook defied April slump with higher programmatic spend

    Amid pandemic lockdowns that kept people at home, the travel industry's programmatic ad spending plunged 79% last month.

  • May 21 2020 13:30

    Viewing Hours for CTV Device Leaders Grew by 55% in Q1

    Connected TV (CTV) device market share leaders Roku and Fire TV each saw a 55% year-over-year increase in viewing hours in Q1, according to Conviva’s State of Streaming report [download page] for Q1 2020. As much of the world was told to stay at home, overall time spent streaming increased by 20% be...

  • May 21 2020 13:00

    Large CPG Manufacturers Are Losing Market Share to Private Label and Extra Small Companies

    US CPG dollar sales saw a 2.2% rise year-over-year in 2019, continuing steady growth since 2017, according to a recent study [pdf] from IRI and Boston Consulting Group (BCG). Private label and extra small companies were drivers of growth last year with large companies seeing their market share decli...

  • May 21 2020 9:43

    Marketers still struggle to build a unified source of data

    Without a unified record of their data, marketers often lack a holistic view of their investments, real-time insights and alignment across teams. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.

  • May 20 2020 21:45

    Google Analytics – Beginners Guide

    Google Analytics is one of the best web analytics tools on the market today. More than 50 million websites worldwide trust this powerful and robust application. Any website can use Google Analytics to get a better understanding about what visitors are doing on the site. This free tool makes it easy...

  • May 20 2020 15:29

    4 takeaways from Walmart’s Q1 earnings for brands, e-commerce marketers

    Walmart is shuttering as it embraces an omnichannel strategy and looks to make e-commerce more profitable. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.

  • May 20 2020 15:10

    The 10 Basics of an SEO Audit

    What are the basic elements of an SEO Audit? This article and infographic provides a beginner with the technical aspects of auditing your site. © 2020 DK New Media, LLC, All Rights Reserved

  • May 20 2020 13:30

    So, You Want Your Content to Be Audience-Focused. Be Prepared for Some Challenges.

    Marketers pride themselves on knowing their audience – and the most successful content marketers put their audiences’ needs first. Indeed, when it comes to the ingredients behind a successful content strategy, the highest-ranked factor among content professionals is the ability to understand and con...

  • May 20 2020 13:00

    Marketers Chase First-Party Data More Aggressively

    With Europe’s GDPR and California’s CCPA being in place for some time, marketers are able to take stock of the impact. Fortunately, some two-thirds (67%) of marketers see recent privacy regulations as positively impacting marketing, while 9 in 10 (92%) are confident in their ability to comply with n...

  • May 20 2020 11:33

    Local SEO: What is a Citation? Citation Building?

    A citation is the digital mention of a unique characteristic of your business online. It may include a distinctive brand name or product line, a physical address, or a phone number. It's not a link. © 2020 DK New Media, LLC, All Rights Reserved

  • May 20 2020 8:05

    Soapbox: As customers are forced to cheat on their favorite brands, will they come back?

    Ongoing supply chain shortages are part of our collective reality as retailers struggle to keep products stocked. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.

  • May 19 2020 20:32

    Google Translate’s Website Translator - available for non-commercial use

    In this time of a global pandemic, webmasters across the world—from government officials to health organizations—are frequently updating their websites with the latest information meant to help fight the spread of COVID-19 and provide access to resources. However, they often lack the time or funding...

  • May 19 2020 17:53

    Best Online Payroll Services

    Choosing an online payroll service is both easier and more complicated than ever before. On the plus side, there is no shortage of options, which increases the likelihood of finding the perfect service for your business. Conversely, with so many services to compare, it’s not always easy to make a fi...

  • May 19 2020 13:30

    Facebook Giving Accounted for 3.5% of Non-Profits’ Online Revenues Last Year

    Facebook giving made up 3.5% of all non-profit online revenue in 2019, with Health non-profits benefiting in particular (9.5%), according to M+R’s latest Benchmarks data. Alongside a decrease in revenue from email, the amount raised through Facebook increased by 6% year-on-year, though some sectors...

  • May 19 2020 13:30

    YouTube Select: YouTube’s new premium advertising program adds connected TV targeting

    Brand advertisers will be able to target TV screen viewing for the first time. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.

  • May 19 2020 13:00

    Smart Speaker Owners Are Using Their Devices More Since the COVID-19 Outbreak

    As of Spring 2020, one-quarter (24%) of adult Americans now own a Smart Speaker, up from 21% in 2019. Indeed use of Smart Speakers by their owners is on the rise, according to recent data [download page] from NPR and Edison Research. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, 36% of Smart Speaker owners are us...

  • May 19 2020 12:37

    Why brands should consider audio marketing as consumers settle into life at home

    With behavior shifting, the audio market’s growth offers a unique environment for brands to stay top of mind with consumers. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.

  • May 19 2020 12:30

    15 Top Live Chat Software Solutions Reviewed

    The post 15 Top Live Chat Software Solutions Reviewed appeared first on The Daily Egg.

  • May 19 2020 12:15

    Rethinking B2B Marketing Outreach? Here’s How to Pick Winning Campaigns

    As marketers adjust campaigns to respond to the economic fallout from COVID-19, it’s more important than ever to know how to pick winners. Revenue-focused metrics let you allocate spend effectively. © 2020 DK New Media, LLC, All Rights Reserved

  • May 19 2020 12:00

    Make the best of YouTube yours with YouTube Select

    Helping you connect with your audience is our top priority. This is especially important as digital takes precedence in how we interact, communicate and stay connected.To make this even easier for your brand, today we’re announcing a new global content solution called YouTube Select—a reimagination...

  • May 19 2020 11:33

    New reports for Guided Recipes on Assistant in Search Console

    Over the past two years, Google Assistant has helped users around the world cook yummy recipes and discover new favorites. During this time, web site owners have had to wait for Google to reprocess their web pages before they could see their updates on the Assistant. Along the way, we’ve heard many...

  • May 19 2020 11:20

    See who’s keynoting SMX Next

    Join us online (for free!) June 23-24 to access 30+ sessions from leaders in search marketing technology, plus keynotes from four Search Engine Land experts. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.

  • May 18 2020 19:01

    MVRK: The Launch of the 3D Virtual Event

    Last week I was invited for my first tour of an online virtual conference space. To be honest, while the timing of the lockdown was in play and I thought it may be a nice tool, I was concerned it may be a bit too geeky and may not attract mainstream businesses. I thought it might be more like playin...

  • May 18 2020 15:00

    Navigating the road ahead: How consumers are adjusting to COVID-19

    COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way we live our lives and how we connect with the world around us. Things like social distancing, curbside pickup, and at-home workouts are now commonplace. The necessary measures taken to manage the pandemic have not only disrupted the global economy, but have...

  • May 18 2020 9:00

    New automated bidding solutions in Display & Video 360

    Automated bidding in Display & Video 360 helps advertisers respond to what consumers are seeking in the moment by using Google’s advanced machine learning to predict campaign performance and place your bids accordingly. As customer behavior changes, automated bidding adapts and tailors your bids...

  • May 15 2020 19:01

    Brand Building 101: How to Build a Brand

    The terms “brand” and “business” are often used interchangeably. While the dictionary definitions might be similar, I don’t think this is a fair swap. Anyone can create a business. But building a brand goes far and beyond filing your LLC paperwork and opening a business checking account. A brand is...

  • May 15 2020 12:14

    Reintroducing a community for Polish & Turkish Site Owners

    Google Webmaster Help forums are a great place for website owners to help each other, engage in friendly discussion, and get input from awesome Product Experts. We currently have forums operating in 12 languages. We’re happy to announce the re-opening of the Polish and Turkish webmaster communitie...

  • May 15 2020 12:13

    Przywracamy społeczność dla właścicieli witryn z Polski i Turcji

    Fora pomocy dotyczące usług Google dla webmasterów są miejscem, w którym właściciele witryn mogą pomagać sobie nawzajem, dołączać do dyskusji i poznawać wskazówki Ekspertów Produktowych. Obecnie nasze fora działają w 12 językach. Cieszymy się, że dzięki pomocy globalnego zespołu Specjalistów Społec...

  • May 15 2020 10:30

    21 Captivating Call to Action Examples to Steal

    Want to entice your readers to buy? Or maybe draw more subscribers to your newsletter? Or maybe watch your conversion rates explode? All you need is the right call to action (CTA). Not only do CTAs give your prospects clarity, they also make your marketing campaigns more effective. I’ve got a bunch...

  • May 14 2020 22:52

    How to do A/B Testing and Improve Your Conversions Quickly

    If you’re not A/B testing your site, you’re leaving money on the table. The only way to truly evaluate your conversion funnel and marketing campaign is to get data directly from your customers behavior. A/B testing lets you do just that. Start using the best A/B testing tool here What is A/B Testing...

  • May 14 2020 20:49

    Better Research, Better Results: ResearchTech Platform Methodify

    Methodify is an automated market research platform and is one of only a handful globally that is specifically developed for automating the entire research process. The platform makes it easier and faster for companies to access crucial consumer insights at every phase of the product development and...

  • May 13 2020 12:57

    How to Compress a PDF File with Adobe

    For the last few years, I was utilizing a great third-party tool to compress my PDF files for use online. Speed is always a factor online, so whether I’m emailing a PDF file or hosting it, I want to ensure that it’s compressed. Why Compress a PDF? Compression can take a file that’s multiple megabyte...

  • May 13 2020 10:30

    Promote Your iTunes Podcast with a Smart App Banner

    If you’ve read my publication for any extended period of time, you know that I’m an Apple fanboy. It’s simple features like I’m going to describe here that makes me appreciate their products and features. You’ve probably noticed that when you open a site in Safari in iOS that businesses often promot...

  • May 13 2020 0:54

    Webinar: COVID-19 and Retail – Actionable Strategies to Maximize Your Marketing Cloud Investment

    There’s no doubt that the retail industry has been crushed by the COVID-19 pandemic. As Marketing Cloud customers, though, you have opportunities that your competitors don’t. The pandemic has accelerated digital adoption and those behaviors will continue to grow as the economy recovers. In this webi...

  • May 12 2020 20:02

    5 Lead Magnets Any Business Can Use

    Lead Magnets can be a game changer for getting more leads for your business. Here are 5 lead magnets any business can use! The post 5 Lead Magnets Any Business Can Use appeared first on DigitalMarketer.

  • May 11 2020 20:38

    It’s Not About Influencers, It’s About Partnerships

    Want the scoop on influencer marketing? The trick is, it's not about the influencers. It's about the Strategic Business Partnerships you make along the way. The post It’s Not About Influencers, It’s About Partnerships appeared first on DigitalMarketer.

  • May 11 2020 14:00

    Promote curbside pickup in your local inventory ads

    In today’s rapidly changing environment, people are looking for real-time updates when it comes to store information and product availability. Searches for “in-stock” grew more than 70 percent globally from the week of March 28 to April 4, as consumers sought to avoid ecommerce shipping delays. We’r...

  • May 8 2020 19:08

    Create a Customer Avatar in 5 Easy Steps

    Getting a clear understanding of your customer avatar will impact virtually EVERY aspect of your marketing. Here's how to create one in 5 easy steps. The post Create a Customer Avatar in 5 Easy Steps appeared first on DigitalMarketer.

  • May 7 2020 20:27

    What is an Entrepreneur

    Entrepreneurship is the spirit of America. What what exactly is an entrepreneur? We're here to help you answer that. The post What is an Entrepreneur appeared first on DigitalMarketer.

  • May 7 2020 14:00

    New YouTube features to help you navigate the streaming boom

    Viewer attention is shifting dramatically as we spend more time at home–and we’ve heard directly from many advertisers that are working quickly to adjust their creative and media strategies, especially to orient toward streaming platforms.Today, we are sharing new advertiser insights and acceleratin...

  • May 7 2020 11:00

    What’s trending: understanding rising consumer interests

    Since COVID-19 began, we’ve heard from our retail and brand manufacturing partners that they’re hungry for more insights on how consumer interests are changing, given fluctuations in consumer demand. We see these changes reflected in how people are searching on Google. Last month, there were spikes...

  • May 5 2020 21:11

    How To Figure Out What Content Your Customer Avatar Wants

    You want to be creating the content your customers are looking for. And that’s where the Customer Avatar Worksheet comes in. The post How To Figure Out What Content Your Customer Avatar Wants appeared first on DigitalMarketer.

  • May 5 2020 11:30

    New reports for Special Announcements in Search Console

    Last month we introduced a new way for sites to highlight COVID-19 announcements on Google Search. At first, we’re using this information to highlight announcements in Google Search from health and government agency sites, to cover important updates like school closures or stay-at-home directives.To...

  • May 4 2020 21:44

    What Is “Drop Servicing”?

    Entrepreneurs have found a new way to run a business. So we break down what exactly is "drop servicing." The post What Is “Drop Servicing”? appeared first on DigitalMarketer.

  • May 4 2020 13:00

    How to Increase Conversion Rates With Web Analytics

    To increase conversion rates on your website, you need to understand its current state. What is your overall conversion rate? Which pages are performing well (according to the numbers)?  Which pages are performing poorly? What tests can be carried out based on these analyses? What can you learn abou...

  • May 2 2020 3:32

    Beyond the press release – the permanence of PR for SEO

    Traditional public relations best practices evolved from a period in time where the press hit was a flash-in-the-pan. You’d get your press hit and that was the end of it. If it was a hit in the press, you’d get a “tear sheet” and buy a few copies of the newspaper or magazine, and that […] The post B...

  • May 1 2020 15:50

    4 Email Campaigns to Boost Conversions

    In our YouTube series, Marketing Mastery with DigitalMarketer, we go over 4 email campaigns that any company can add to their marketing promotions to see a boost in opens, clicks, and sales. The post 4 Email Campaigns to Boost Conversions appeared first on DigitalMarketer.

  • April 30 2020 9:00

    Reach your audience where they are now with Display & Video 360

    Media consumption habits are rapidly changing. Planning tools that are tightly connected to your media buying platform can help you reassess your media plans and quickly adjust your ad strategy to reach people where they are now.We’re expanding the reach forecasting capabilities in Display & Vid...

  • April 30 2020 5:00

    Stopping bad ads to protect users

    People trust Google when they’re looking for information, and we’re committed to ensuring they can trust the ads they see on our platforms, too. This commitment is especially important in times of uncertainty, such as the past few months as the world has confronted COVID-19. Responding to COVID-19Si...

  • April 24 2020 14:50

    What is & What is NewsCorp Thinking?

    I came across a banner ad for Knews while reading a typically titillating story on the NY Post. Because my nonprofit Giving Forward is launching Herald Times, I’ve been paying attention to new news sites. This 300 x 240 banner fit the bill. The banner was mildly engaging. Clicked and got to a user e...

  • April 23 2020 13:00

    Increasing transparency through advertiser identity verification

    We’re committed to giving our users transparency, choice and control when it comes to the ads they see on our platforms. That’s why we’ve long offered tools like Ad Settings which allows people to control how ads are personalized or even opt out of personalized ads altogether, as well as features li...

  • April 21 2020 13:00

    It’s now free to sell on Google

    The retail sector has faced many threats over the years, which have only intensified during the coronavirus pandemic. With physical stores shuttered, digital commerce has become a lifeline for retailers. And as consumers increasingly shop online, they're searching not just for essentials but also th...

  • April 16 2020 9:00

    It’s faster and easier to use Ads Data Hub

    Advertisers tell us that understanding the business impact of their marketing is more important than ever. But they also report that it’s becoming more difficult as the industry—in response to growing concerns about privacy—changes its practices around how data is collected and used. Ads Data Hub en...

  • April 16 2020 9:00

    It’s faster and easier to use Ads Data Hub

    Advertisers tell us that understanding the business impact of their marketing is more important than ever. But they also report that it’s becoming more difficult as the industry—in response to growing concerns about privacy—changes its practices around how data is collected and used. Ads Data Hub en...

  • April 13 2020 16:33

    Personalization in Digital Marketing: What It is and How to Make It Happen

    Personalization seems to be one of the hottest buzzwords in the marketing world at the moment. However, not many people know how to do it effectively. Naturally, there’s a lot of confusion around this concept. What is personalization in digital marketing? Personalization is the process of knowing t...

  • April 8 2020 7:02

    Showcasing the value of SEO

    Each year we attend dozens of events and reach thousands of people with our keynotes, talks, and Q&As. We go to conferences and meetups, because we believe that our talks can potentially help online businesses flourish and we get to help people with their search related problems, but sometimes a...

  • April 7 2020 8:52

    Looking back at last year's Webmaster Conference Product Summit

    As a part of the Webmaster Conference series, last fall we held a Product Summit at Google's headquarters in Mountain View, California. It was slightly different from our previous events, with a number of product managers and engineers from Google Search taking part. We recorded the talks held there...

  • April 3 2020 23:39

    Introducing a new way for sites to highlight COVID-19 announcements on Google Search

    Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many organizations and groups are publishing important coronavirus-related announcements that affect our everyday lives.In response, we're introducing a new way for these special announcements to be highlighted on Google Search. Sites can add SpecialAnnouncement structu...

  • March 31 2020 16:33

    Helping health organizations make COVID-19 information more accessible

    Health organizations are busier than ever providing information to help with the COVID-19 pandemic. To better assist them, Google has created a best practices article to guide health organizations to make COVID-19 information more accessible on Search. We’ve also created a new technical support grou...

  • March 18 2020 19:30

    How to Keep Your Marketing Team Together Using Calendar Apps

    To manage my projects, I work with a team of five people, including myself. It’s not a big team, but it took us time to set up an effective marketing routine among the 5 of us. Every month we take on a series of tasks for our brand, working to increase exposure, solidify social presence, […] The pos...

  • March 16 2020 13:40

    How ​to​ ​Create a​ ​Webinar from Scratch in 10 Simple Steps

    This 10-step process will help you create a webinar that attracts, educates, and excites the largest and most engaged audience possible. The post How ​to​ ​Create a​ ​Webinar from Scratch in 10 Simple Steps appeared first on Content Marketing Consulting and Social Media Strategy.

  • March 16 2020 12:08

    Ad-Land Goes Remote – Budgets Evaporate

    With the COVID-19 / Coronavirus mitigation plans in place for NYC and most large cities, and nearly every marketing and advertising event canceled Ad-Land is working remotely. Advertising and marketing is a social activity, from strategy and creative through execution, there has always been some ele...

  • March 6 2020 10:00

    How to Understand Your Customers’ Buying Journeys And Engage Them at Each Touchpoint

    With advancing technology, the buyer journey has changed dramatically. Empowered with multiple devices and tools (price comparison platforms, discount shopping platforms, shopping rewards platforms, product review aggregating platforms, etc.), purchasing decisions have become more unpredictable, and...

  • February 25 2020 20:03

    Martech Stack Optimization: 5 Insights for 2020

    Marketing continues to become more complex as marketing professionals have more and more marketing tactics available. Marketers need to think about content, website, mobile, SEO, SEM, programmatic advertising, video, podcasts, webinars, email, automation, personalization, data, social media, account...

  • February 21 2020 9:00

    Improved frequency management for Programmatic Guaranteed

    Frequency management helps marketers and agency partners deliver a better user experience and reduce budget waste by controlling the number of times people see their ads. That’s why, when we introduced Programmatic Guaranteed in Display & Video 360 a few years ago, we gave you a way to manage ad...

  • February 17 2020 13:12

    How to Run Online Contests and Giveaways Like a Pro

    Wondering how to run brand contests and giveaways like a pro? Contests and giveaways can be an amazingly easy and quick way to generate positive engagement, get more traffic to your website and, most importantly, generate more leads for your business. That said, holding an online contest is not as e...

  • February 13 2020 19:00

    Get the reach of TV and the relevance of digital with Display & Video 360

    Connected TV combines the reach and familiarity of traditional TV with the relevance and measurability of digital. For marketers to get the best of both worlds, we’re investing in connected TV advertising solutions designed to reach households at scale with messages that are relevant to users and re...

  • December 30 2019 15:00

    Our Top 10 Favorite Posts of the Decade

    Jay Baer started the Convince & Convert blog back in 2008, and every year we post a top 10 list of our most popular posts of the year. But for 2020, we’re bringing you our favorite posts of the decade. Some are visitor favorites. Others are team member favorites. Dive in now as we celebrate […]...

  • December 29 2019 18:17

    Hey Twitter, is Surfermom77 a Russian Account?

    Hey Twitter, have a question for you, but first… Let’s compare the political advertising ban at Twitter to the “Earned Media” impact that a fake profile can have when multiplied one-thousand-fold. Since the eMarketing Association is all about Marketing & Advertising, let’s look at how a photo by...

  • December 23 2019 13:31

    How Does Video Help SEO?

    Videos always have played an important role in organic visibility. Video-rich snippets were one of the first elements in Google search results pages. For years, Google would show video thumbnails inside organic search results. Having your video thumbnail in Google search always meant higher brand vi...

  • December 23 2019 13:10

    The Top 4 Holiday Marketing Pet Peeves

    Do you become a different marketer during the holiday season? Until holiday season begins, you spend countless hours researching your audiences, building buyer personas, and executing strategies that put the customer’s experience first. All of your work is rooted in best practice and conducted with...

  • December 10 2019 16:00

    What’s new in App + Web properties

    This July we announceda new property type in Google Analytics that helps you measure across both your app and website in one place. The new App + Web property helps you better understand your customers’ journeys across platforms so you can deliver more unified experiences.Recently, we’ve introduced...

  • November 21 2019 19:00

    Deliver consistent site experiences with Google Optimize

    Consumers expect connected shopping experiences from research to purchase. But their journeys aren’t linear; they move around, visiting—and revisiting—multiple sites and apps, multiple times a day. This makes it challenging for businesses to deliver a coordinated site experience, especially if they...

  • October 8 2019 14:00

    A privacy-safe approach to managing ad frequency

    At Google, we believe it's possible to improve user privacy while preserving access to the ad-supported web. Back in August, we shared an update on the progress we’re making toward this vision. Chrome put forward a series of proposals inviting the web standards community to start a discussion on how...

  • October 4 2019 9:06

    Strategic CMO: David Levin of Bob’s Discount Furniture

    On August 23rd, 2019, Kevin Lee, of Didit and the eMarketing Association, interviewed David Levin, VP, Customer Experience & Digital Innovation, Bob’s Discount Furniture. A range of topics was discussed, including: 1. How brands can differentiate themselves in the “age of Amazon.” 2. The sales t...

  • October 3 2019 15:39

    The Many (Bitter) Flavors of Influencer Fraud

    Social media influencers have been grabbing a bigger piece of the digital ad pie. In 2019, about $8 billion was paid to influencers to promote consumer products; this figure is expected to jump to $15 billion by 2022. Because there’s big money on the table here, ineffective self-regulation on the pa...

  • October 2 2019 12:00

    Manage tags easily and safely with the new Community Template Gallery

    Businesses often work with trusted partners to conduct a variety of important functions on their websites. These partners can help businesses accurately measure their online conversions or determine which product reviews to display. For all this to work  businesses need to implement tags, or code wr...

  • September 18 2019 15:00

    Google Ads auction-time bidding comes to Search Ads 360

    Smart Bidding in Google Ads uses machine learning to set bids at auction-time by factoring in a wide range of signals that help predict performance. Now you can take advantage of Google Ads auction-time bidding in your Search Ads 360 bid strategy. By activating auction-time bidding you can enhance y...

  • September 5 2019 16:26

    Sharpie Takes a Wait-and-See Approach to #SharpieGate on Social Media

    Sometimes lightning strikes for a brand — and that downward heavenly spark struck this past week in the wake of “SharpieGate” — the multi-day worldwide mediafest generated when POTUS modified an official weather map to indicate that Hurricane Dorian would impact Alabama. Suddenly Sharpies became top...

  • August 22 2019 18:23

    Marketing and HR – Disturbing Results of Girls Who Code Survey

    You may not think that the experiences of interviewees (internship, part time, full time or contract), is of concern to the marketing team. Well, it is because in this age of social media a negative experience with a brand, not only by a customer, but interviewee can have a lasting negative brand im...

  • August 21 2019 22:50

    ### @ the end of a Press Release

    Halo Group (a Didit Company) has an article where they explain why ### three pound or hash tags are used at the end of a press release. That article ranks #1 in google for a variety of searches including just the ### as well as permutations that include related press release questions. I’m not as […...

  • August 21 2019 13:24

    Don’t Mix Research & Marketing

    I’ve been tempted myself to use a survey to communicate as opposed to collect valuable information about prospects or clients, and while it is possible, generally consumers see it as a transparent and in-authentic way of marketing. For example, today I got the following email from Circle (the home n...