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  • Today Posted: October 27 2020 @ 7:00 | From:

    Microsoft Is Planning To Completely Sunset The Services And Support For Internet Explorer In November

    Internet Explorer may have gotten really old and antiquated; the browser still has an almost 5% of market share. If you are amongst the limited and loyal users of Internet Explorer, there is bad news for you. Microsoft has been trying to end the support for its age-old browser and is trying to urge... Read more

  • Today Posted: October 27 2020 @ 6:43 | From:

    Audiense Connect: The Most Advanced Twitter Marketing Platform For Enterprise

    While much of the world has adopted other social media channels, I continue to be a huge fan of Twitter. And Twitter continues to help drive traffic to my personal and professional sites so I’m never going to give it up anytime soon! Audiense Connect is a platform built for enterprise Twitter Market... Read more

  • Today Posted: October 27 2020 @ 5:00 | From:

    Following The 2020 U.S. Election With Google

    With just one week to go until Election Day in the U.S., we’re here to help you to navigate the voting process and follow results after the polls close. As they do every election, Americans are turning to Google to find information on voter registration, polling locations, election results and more.... Read more

  • Today Posted: October 27 2020 @ 4:33 | From:

    Facebook Plans To Take Effective Measures Through Its Internal Tools To Prevent The Spread Of Violent And Hateful Content Amidst The Upcoming Election Chaos

    Facebook is a widely used social media platform, and because of its lenient content moderation policies, it is always under the line of criticism. A few years back, when the Rohingya Muslims were being brutally killed and tortured, Facebook had not done much to prevent the spread of violence-propaga... Read more

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    Which Soft Skills Are The Most Highly-valued By American Businesses? (infographic)

    In a business world that can often seem cut-throat and driven by people who want ‘marketing rock stars’, ‘data wizards’ and other nonsensical job titles, is there still a place for ‘soft skills’?They might not offer the trackable return on investment that looks great on a CV and you wouldn’t put the... Read more

  • Today Posted: October 27 2020 @ 2:48 | From:

    Pakistan’s Prime Minister Urges Facebook To Ban Islamophobic Content In Letter To Mark Zuckerberg

    The world of technology is often heavily impacted by political realities all around the world, and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that many of the tech companies that are relevant in this modern day and age have this level of influence as a result of the fact t... Read more

  • Today Posted: October 27 2020 @ 1:00 | From:

    How To Run The Best Virtual Meetings In The Business (infographic)

    Before 2020, virtual meetings happened at companies with international offices or remote workers, but the impact of Covid-19 and lockdowns have meant empty meeting rooms and lots of people having to quickly get to grips with Zoom and Microsoft Teams. But does this sudden rush to virtual meetings bei... Read more

  • Posted: October 26 2020 @ 23:01 | From:

    Bloomberg Media Tunes Up ABBA To Break Down Barriers Between Its Ads And Subscriber Businesses

    The business news publisher's ad ops and product groups now sit in the same organization as its subscriptions team. The post Bloomberg Media tunes up ABBA to break down barriers between its ads and subscriber businesses appeared first on Digiday. Read more

  • Posted: October 26 2020 @ 23:01 | From:

    ‘Don’t Have The Luxury Of Doing Good’: The Age Of Dissonance Continues At This Year’s ANAs — And Beyond

    When there’s an on-going global pandemic that’s crippling whole brand categories, it was hard to hear the CMOs speaking at the ANAs. The post ‘Don’t have the luxury of doing good’: The age of dissonance continues at this year’s ANAs — and beyond appeared first on Digiday. Read more

  • Posted: October 26 2020 @ 23:01 | From:

    Twitch Emerges As Rising Platform For Beauty Brands

    Twitch’s over 17.5 million daily active users are gaining growing attention from companies well beyond the traditional gaming world. The post Twitch emerges as rising platform for beauty brands appeared first on Digiday. Read more