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Posted: January 12 2021 by feed.martech.zone

Volusion Ecommerce Builder

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Volusion’s all-in-one platform makes it easy to get your store set up in minutes. Their platform makes it easy to run your store, accept credit card payments, stocking items or updating your site design. Their ecommerce platform empowers sellers to get up and running with a fantastic user interface and great features.

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Volusion’s Ecommerce Builder Features:

  • Store Editor – Customize the look and feel of your site with professionally-designed themes and our powerful site editor. Curate your pages with drag and drop content blocks for social media, image galleries, videos and more.

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  • Themes – a selection of professionally designed themes that specialize in ecommerce. Every theme is beautiful, fully responsive, designed to sell more.

  • glass desktop ecommerce theme

  • bright ecommerce theme

  • balance desktop ecommerce theme

  • circuit ecommerce theme

  • tulum ecommerce theme

  • Product Pages – Drag and drop products right into your store, customize your look with endless page options and take advantage of so much more on the Volusion platform. Offer variant pricing for custom product options and create custom discounts and coupons.

Volusion Ecommerce Product Page

  • Payment Processing Integration – When it comes to getting paid, we make it fast and easy. With integrations like Stripe, PayPal and Apple Pay, you can quickly set up your store to get those orders (and payments!) rolling in. Running an ecommerce store is a lot of work, but getting paid doesn’t have to be.

Volusion Payment Processor Integration

  • Platform Tools – Product categories, customer management, order management, pages, analytics and apps are all seamlessly integrated.

  • analytics mobile

  • appstore mobile

  • pages screenshot

  • customers mobile

  • categories mobile

  • orders mobile

  • Marketing – Volusion has a built-in SEO features that allow you to optimize your site for search engines and users. Connect with your customers on social media and advertise through PPC ads and shopping engines.

Volusion Search Marketing Tools

  • Inventory – Your online store needs an inventory management system that seamlessly tracks your stock both in-store and online. It should allow you to organize products by categories and common attributes that you can control such as colors and sizes. This makes it easy for your customers to find exactly the items they’re looking for on your website.

  • Security – Build trust by implementing a strong privacy policy and invest in SSL certificates and fraud protection for your ecommerce website to protect private customer data. 

  • Integrations – Connect with other apps – including social media platforms, service and support platforms, and marketing platforms. Integrations include hover, stripe, PayPal, Constant Contact, Amazon, Shippo, Pinterest, Facebook, Intercom, Privy, Mailchimp, Live Chat, Google Analytics and more.

  • Services – Volusion also provides fixed-price services for designing, integrating, and optimizing your store and marketing. They also provide professional design, marketing and consulting services for more advanced needs.

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