WhatsApp's New Accessibility Feature Allows Users To Convert Their Voice Notes To Text Messages

WhatsApp is the globally famous communication platform that enables its users to instant message, call, or video chat with each other. It is always working to come up with new features, which help WhatsApp to compel its users to the app, a few months back WhatsApp added the feature to transfer chat history which made its users extremely thrilled, but there is always room for improvements. Recently, as per WABI, it came up with the suggestion of converting the voice notes into text messages, which will help all those users who aren't comfortable with neither listening nor sending voice messages to other people. The voicemail will not be converted by Facebook, the owner of WhatsApp, or by WhatsApp itself. To their surprise, this feature is officially being handled by Apple, which will help with Apple's voice recognition traits.When transitioning to this feature WhatsApp will require a confirmation. Once you have gained access to this feature it will allow you to skip to any specific time, saving a great deal of time specifically for all those employees that connect with each other through WhatsApp. Along with that, you don't have to convert the voicemail every time into the text if you wish to see it again, because it will be saved the first time.From the information provided by Wabetainfo, it appears that unfortunately, this feature will not be available for Android users initially, as it's being developed for Apple users, usually WhatsApp updates its features on both Android and iOS at the same time so it is possible that this feature will soon be updated on Android as well.

WhatsApp's New Accessibility Feature Allows Users To Convert Their Voice Notes To Text Messages
WhatsApp tests the possibility to transcribe voice messages so that you don't have to listen audio, as sometimes it's better to read the text form
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September 14 2021 | Arooj Ahmed