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  • Today Posted: January 27 2021 @ 0:01 | From:

    Cheat Sheet: Twitter’s Acquisition Of Revue Heats Up The Battle Of The Inbox

    The acquisition of Revue shows newsletter platforms will have to continue to ratchet up their efforts to deliver value to authors. The post Cheat sheet: Twitter’s acquisition of Revue heats up the battle of the inbox appeared first on Digiday. Read more

  • Posted: January 26 2021 @ 22:00 | From:

    Google Taiwan Turns 15 With A New Engineering Hub

    As a Taiwanese and an engineer, it's extremely heartwarming to see how Taiwan has grown to be a critical hub for global innovation and hardware manufacturing. Not everyone knows that Taiwan has contributed to the development of many Google products, including Pixel phones, Nest devices, Chromebooks,... Read more

  • Posted: January 26 2021 @ 21:00 | From:

    What A Content Hub Can Do For Marketing Teams

    In a truly effective marketing team, each team member is aligned, using shared tools and processes to efficiently create, collaborate and connect with their customers. With a content hub, marketers can break down the silos that have traditionally held them back, increasing collaboration in the cruci... Read more

  • Posted: January 26 2021 @ 20:30 | From:

    Android Users Beware! WhatsApp Messages With Links To Malware Are Spreading Across The Social Media Platform

    A new piece of malware software has been found making the rounds across Android devices, specifically spreading via WhatsApp messages.WhatsApp can’t seem to catch even a moment’s breath before something goes wrong. Ever since its introduction of an unfortunate policy change to the platform’s Terms o... Read more

  • Posted: January 26 2021 @ 16:00 | From:

    Apple’s Next Operating System Won’t Support IPhone 6S, SE

    Apple is well known for making its older phones obsolete periodically, and while this is the sort of thing that a lot of other manufacturers tend to do Apple tends to be a little more trigger happy in this regard. The latest example of this sort of thing can be seen with a report that indicates that... Read more

  • Posted: January 26 2021 @ 14:27 | From:

    Enhance Your Google SERP Presence With These Rich Snippets

    Reading Time: 3 minutes Companies spend a ton of time seeing if they’re ranking on search and developing amazing content and sites that drive conversions. But a key strategy often missed is how they can enhance their entry on a search engine result page. Whether you’re ranking or not only matters i... Read more

  • Posted: January 26 2021 @ 13:00 | From:

    Forester’s New Study Can’t Settle On One Side Due To Contrasting Behaviors Of Gen Z

    Any person who lived a century before couldn’t have believed that it could be possible to shop while sitting at home. But the generation z is all about online shopping and social media. So, the recent study says that more than half of the people from ages 18 to 23 tend to research the product before... Read more

  • Posted: January 26 2021 @ 13:00 | From:

    Web Stories, Not Web Teasers

    We've seen amazing momentum from web creators trying their first steps with Web Stories. With more adoption comes more content exploration, guidance and questions, and it’s still early days for Web Stories, so we’re all figuring things out together as a community.Web creators around the world are fi... Read more

  • Posted: January 26 2021 @ 13:00 | From:

    Sign In To Sites Faster And Personalize Your Lock Screen

    We’re always finding ways to make using Chromebooks as seamless as possible. Today, with our latest Chrome OS release, we’re introducing a faster sign-in experience as well as personalized lock screens. And in case you missed it, we’ll share the exciting new Chromebooks that were recently announced... Read more

  • Posted: January 26 2021 @ 12:02 | From:

    Send Email Via SMTP In WordPress With Google Workspace And Two-Factor Authentication

    Reading Time: 3 minutes I’m a huge proponent of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on every platform that I’m running. As a marketer that works with clients and client data, I simply can’t be too careful about security so the combination of different passwords for every site, using Apple Keychain as a... Read more